Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

The Computer You're Dialing in to Cannot Establish a Dial-Up Networking Connection.  Check Your Password, and Then Try Again.

1.  Make sure that the username and password are EXACTLY correct.  This applies to upper/lower case letters, spaces before and after, realms authentication if needed, P's in front of names, etc...

2.  Make sure that 'log on to network' in the server type settings of the dialer properties is not checked.

3.  Make sure that they are dialing the correct access number (for 56k or ISDN).

4.  Is the modem dialing/handshaking/connecting?  If not, make sure the correct modem is selected and that the modem is working.

5.  Make sure that all of the dialer settings are correct and try reinstalling the network control panel components.

6.  Check for extra winsock.dll's (should be 1 in C:/windows), and wsock32.dll's (should be 1 in C:\windows\system).

7.  Reset password on ISP side.

8.  Delete and remake dialer.

9.  Uninstall and Reinstall DUN, NCP, dialer, and delete all the .pwl files.

10.  Treat as a modem problem.

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