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What is multi-linking? Can we do that?

Multi-linking is a fancy way to use two modems attached to two phone lines to create one twice-as-fast connection. Basically, Windows allows you to install two modems and use them simultaneously (provided you have a second phone line). It does not actually link the connections, though (kinda sneaky), but lets you think they're linked. If you open a second browser window, or check your mail and start a telnet session simultaneously, Windows has more bandwidth at its disposal to make the connection. One TCP/IP connection will route across one connection, and the other across another. But when downloading a single file, the connection is made through one of the modems to one of the IPs the computer is assigned, and is not aware of the second modem's connection or the computer's second IP. EarthLink and some other ISPs allow multi-linking since it is merely recognized as a second simultaneous connection. Most ISP's usually charges a simultaneous connection fee, make sure you are aware of you're ISP's policies on this.


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