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What is a "Shotgun" modem? Can I do that?

"Shotgun" technology is another way of linking two modem connections to create more bandwidth, but works like multi-linking should. With shotgun modems, which have two phone jacks on a single modem card, you still need two separate phone lines (obviously), but the connections established are linked both on the client side and on the server side. This effectively doubles the bandwidth for a single TCP/IP session. So if you're downloading a large file, that file can be transmitted over both PPP connections simultaneously, allowing for true "multi-linking".

Shotgun technology is a proprietary technology by Diamond Multimedia and requires special equipment in your ISP's POPs and special software on the customer's computer (not to mention a Diamond Multimedia Shotgun modem). It used supported in some Netcom POPs, and customers could sign up for a dual-analog payment plan, but this has been phased out. Diamond has also phased out and minmially supports Shotgun technology now, as there are more viable highspeed connection solutions available now. If you want to use Shotgun, before you buy, make sure you ask your ISP if they support it. Very few ISP's have support for it now.


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