Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.


  • Go to Start > Program > Accessories > Hyperterminal. (You can install Hyperterminal through Add/Remove Programs if you do not have it).

  • Click on the Hyperterm program.

  • Name the connection "Test" and click OK.

  • Enter the phone number for your ISP connection.

  • Ensure that it is set to be using your Lucent modem, and click OK.

  • Click Dial.

  • After the handshaking is done, you should see on the screen the word: "Login", though this does vary from ISP to ISP.

  • Wait a little while, say 15-60 seconds so you are connected for a bit.

  • Disconnect by using the pulldown menu under Call, then select Disconnect.

  • After you are disconnected, type ati11, press ENTER, and the following should appear with the 0's filled in(note: press ENTER again to view the second line of information):

      Description                         Status
      ---------------                     ------------
1     Last Connection                     0
2     Initial Transmit Carrier Rate       0
3     Initial Receive  Carrier Rate       0
4     Final   Transmit Carrier Rate       0
5     Final   Receive  Carrier Rate       0
6     Protocol Negotiation Result         0
7     Data Compression Result             0
8     Estimated Noise Level               0
9     Receive  Signal Power Level  (-dBm) 0
10    Transmit Signal Power Level  (-dBm) 0
11    Round Trip Delay             (msec) 0
Press any key to continue; ESC to quit.
      Description                         Status
      ---------------                     ------------
12    Near Echo Level              (-dBm) 0
13    Far  Echo Level              (-dBm) 0
14    Transmit Frame Count                0
15    Transmit Frame Error Count          0
16    Receive  Frame Count                0
17    Receive  Frame Error Count          0
18    Retrain by Local  Modem             0
19    Retrain by Remote Modem             0
20    Call Termination Cause              0
21    Robbed-Bit Signaling                0
22    Digital Loss                   (dB) 0
23    Remote Server ID                    0

Basic Analysis of Ati11:

Here you want to concentrate on the Estimated Noise Level. Unfortunately LT's do not show SNR, but the Estimated Noise Level (though varying on certain factors) can be a decent indication of noise. The value should be between 100 and 140 in most circumstances. If it is not you may have a serious noise issue. UPDATE: I am still researching the Estimated Noise Level. It can vary a great deal and may not be a good indication until I find the proper equation to use with it to create a true range that it should be in. The Receive Signal Power Level is also an important value. If this value is less than 9 or higher than 25 you may have poor line signal strength.

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