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US Robotics

  • Go to Start > Program > Accessories > Hyperterminal. (You can install Hyperterminal through Add/Remove Programs if you do not have it).

  • Click on the Hyperterm program.

  • Name the connection "Test" and click OK.

  • Enter the phone number for your ISP connection.

  • Ensure that it is set to be using your USRobotics modem, and click OK.

  • Click Dial.

  • After the handshaking is done, you should see on the screen the word: "Login", though this does vary from ISP to ISP.

  • Wait a little while, say 15-60 seconds so you are connected for a bit.

  • Disconnect by using the pulldown menu under Call, then select Disconnect.

  • After seeing the "OK" message, type aty11, press ENTER, and the following should appear with the 0's filled in:

Freq     Level
 150     0
 300     0
 450     0
 600     0
 750     0
 900     0
1050     0
1200     0
1350     0
1500     0
1650     0
1800     0
1950     0
2100     0
2250     0
2400     0
2550     0
2700     0
2850     0
3000     0
3150     0
3300     0
3450     0
3600     0
3750     0

Analysis of Aty11:

First of all, if the value of 3750 is above 50, you may have poor local phone lines and may want to check into noise. Now, take the level of 3300 and subtract it from the level of 3750. If the value is 25 or higher, you most likely have too many A/D, D/A conversions which indicates that you can not achieve 56k speeds. If the value is betwen 20 and 25, you MAY have too many A/D, D/A conversions and you may not be able to achieve 56k speeds.

  • Next type in ati11, press ENTER, and the following should appear with the 0's filled in:

U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT Link Diagnostics...

Modulation                  V.90
Carrier Freq     (Hz)       None/1920
Symbol Rate                 8000/3200
Trellis Code                None/64S-4D
Nonlinear Encoding          None/ON
Precoding                   None/ON
Shaping                     ON/ON
Preemphasis      (-dB)      0/0
Recv/Xmit Level  (-dBm)     0/0
Near Echo Loss   (dB)       0
Far Echo Loss    (dB)       0
Carrier Offset   (Hz)       NONE
Round Trip Delay (msec)     0
Timing Offset    (ppm)      0
SNR              (dB)       0
Speed Shifts Up/Down        0/0
Status :                    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Basic Analysis of Ati11 with regards to A/D, D/A conversions:

Here, you will want to take a look at item number 6 on the Status line. his item indicates the number of Robbed Bit Signal links in the telco circuit between client and host. You can still achieve 56k type connect speeds with RBS links, however if you have a Y here, this indicates a type B Codec which could mean that you are on a SLC96 (often referred to as a Slick). A slick is used when there are not enough twisted pairs in the area to meet customer needs. When a slick is used you are given extra Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog conversions, thus making v90 speeds impossible.

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