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AOCE Directory Templates Errors(-15000 to -15020)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-15000kDETInvalidTargetAspectNameN/Acould not locate aspect by name
-15001kDETInvalidTargetItemNumberN/Aitem number target invalid (out of range 1..)
-15002kDETInvalidTargetFromNonAspectN/Atarget selection relative to non-aspect object which requires an aspect
-15003kDETInvalidTargetDSSpecN/Atarget DSSpec could not be resolved
-15004kDETUnknownTargetSelectorN/Aunknown selector type for target specification
-15005kDETInvalidTargetN/Atarget specification was invalid (for reasons other than those above)
-15006kDETTargetNotAnAspectN/Aspecified target object was not an aspect
-15007kDETInvalidCommandItemNumberN/Acommand item number invalid (out of range 1..)
-15008kDETUnableToGetCommandItemSpecN/Aunable to retrieve item specification (internal error, possibly out of memory)
-15009kDETRequestedTypeUnavailableN/Acommand item could not be represented in the form requested
-15010kDETInvalidDSSpecN/Acould not resolve DSSpec (other than in target; see error above for targets)
-15011kDETUnableToAccessPropertyN/Aproperty could not be found and/or created
-15012kDETInfoPageNotOpenN/Ainfo-page not open; request requires an open info-page
-15013kDETNoSuchViewN/Ano view found with specified property number
-15014kDETCouldNotAddMenuItemN/Acould not add item to dynamic menu
-15015kDETCouldNotRemoveMenuItemN/Acould not remove item from dynamic menu
-15016kDETCouldNotFindMenuItemN/Acould not find menu item
-15017kDETCouldNotFindCustomViewN/Acould not find custom view in info-page
-15018kDETInvalidReqFunctionN/Ainvalid call-back request function
-15019kDETInvalidCallBackN/Ainvalid call-back (for reasons other than those above)
-15020kDETPropertyBusyN/Aedit is open on the property being set

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