Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

AOCE General Errors(-1500 to -1522)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-1500kOCEToolboxNotOpenN/Atoolbox not open; perhaps it's closing
-1501kOCEInvalidCommandN/Arequest code passed to trap call invalid
-1502kOCEInvalidRefN/Areference to object obsolete/invalid
-1503kOCEBufferTooSmallN/Abuffer supplied too small for task
-1504kOCEVersionErrN/Asome manner of software version mismatch
-1505kOCESyncAsyncErrN/Aop tried synchronously; may only be done async, or vice versa
-1506kOCEInternalErrN/AOCE toolbox has an internal error
-1507kOCENotAnOwnerN/Aoperation can only be done by object's owner
-1508kOCENotImplementedN/Afeature not implemented
-1509kOCENotAuthenticatedN/Auser must be authenticated
-1510kOCEAlreadyExistsN/Aobject being added already exists
-1511kOCEDoesntExistN/Aobject being referenced doesn't exist or cannot be found
-1512kOCEConnectionErrN/Aunable to open or maintain network transport
-1513kOCEConnectionClosedN/Aconnect has closed
-1514kOCEInvalidRecipientN/Ainvalid recipient/address for command
-1515kOCEInvalidIndexN/Ainvalid index (out of range)
-1516kOCERefIsClosingN/Aobject references being closed, cannot complete command
-1521kOCEMoreDiskSpaceNeededN/Ainadequate disk space to safely complete operation
-1522kOCEParamErrN/AparamErr invalid parameter passed to toolbox

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