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AOCE Mail Errors(-15040 to -15068)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-15040kMailInvalidOrderN/Athis object has already been written to and cannot be written again, handle non-zero offsets for now
-15041kMailInvalidSeqNumN/Ainvalid letter sequence refers to an nonexistent letter
-15042kMailAttrNotInHdrN/Aattribute does not exist in letter header
-15043kMailHdrAttrMissingN/Arequired attribute not written into letter header
-15044kMailBadEnclLengthErrN/Aincorrect number of bytes has been written after memForm of PutEnclosure
-15045kMailInvalidRequestN/Acannot putAttr for report, putRcptReport for letter
-15046kMailInvalidPostItVersionN/Acannot create new postit with this version
-15047kMailNotASlotInQN/AqueueID does not refer to a slot's incoming queue
-15048kMailLtrNotOpenN/Aletter is not open, probably not cached in inQ
-15049kMailMissingMailCatN/Atrying to create message in inq, with no postIt
-15050kMailCannotWriteMailCatN/Acannot update a mail catentry
-15051kMailTooManyTagsPerLetterN/Acannot add more than kMaxTagsPerLetter tags
-15052kMailGwyDeadN/AMSAM died
-15053kMailIgnoredErrN/AePPC message was ignored
-15054kMailLengthErrN/AePPC message did not complete
-15055kMailTooManyErrN/Atoo many requests outstanding
-15056kMailNoMSAMErrN/Ano MSAMs found in mailbox! or for command
-15061kMailMalformedContentN/Aa mailed structure is malformed
-15062kMailNoSuchSlotN/Ano such slot
-15063kMailBadLtrInfoN/Abad info there, can't change
-15064kMailSetFailedN/Acould not set letter info
-15065kMailBadConfigN/AMSAM has bad config info
-15066kMailBadMSAMN/Abad MSAM: not usable, reason unspec
-15067kMailCannotLkupServerSlotsN/Acannot lookup adas for server mail slots
-15068kMailBadStateN/Astate specified is not in any of defined

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