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AOCE Authentication Errors(-1540 to -1571)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-1542kOCEAccessRightsInsufficientN/Astream needs to be authenticated, or not authorized, or someone other than agent trying to TPFC, or problem in server-to-server authentication
-1543kOCEUnsupportedCredentialsVersionN/Adon't know how to read version of credentials
-1544kOCECredentialsProblemN/Acouldn't successfully decrypt credentials
-1545kOCECredentialsImmatureN/Acurrent time < first valid time
-1546kOCECredentialsExpiredN/Acurrent time > expiry time
-1547kOCEProxyImmatureN/Acurrent time < proxy start time
-1548kOCEProxyExpiredN/Acurrent time > proxy expiry time
-1549kOCEDisallowedRecipientN/Arecipient not specified in proxy
-1550kOCENoKeyFoundN/Afound no key for entity in question
-1551kOCEPrincipalKeyNotFoundN/Acouldn't decode proxy because principal has no key
-1552kOCERecipientKeyNotFoundN/Arecipient has no key
-1553kOCEAgentKeyNotFoundN/Ain TPFC, agent has no key
-1554kOCEKeyAlreadyRegisteredN/Aentity already has a key
-1555kOCEMalformedKeyN/Akey is of an unknown encryption method, or key doesn't match password
-1556kOCEUndesirableKeyN/Apassword too short, key too simple, or trying to change cluster key to the same value
-1557kOCEWrongIdentityOrKeyN/Ain CheckIdentity, name doesn't exist or key is wrong
-1558kOCEInitiatorKeyProblemN/Aeither we couldn't find the initiator's key or we found it but couldn't successfully decrypt instructions or proxy
-1559kOCEBadEncryptionMethodN/Aspecified encryption method is not supported
-1560kOCELocalIdentityDoesNotExistN/ALocalIdentity has to be setup
-1561kOCELocalAuthenticationFailN/ALocalIdentity Login has to be done for this operation
-1562kOCELocalIdentitySetupExistsN/ALocalIdentity setup exists, use change instead of setup
-1563kOCEDirectoryIdentitySetupExistsN/ADirectoryIdentity setup exists, use change instead of setup
-1564kOCEDirectoryIdentitySetupDoesNotExistN/ADirectoryIdentity setup does not exist
-1565kOCENotLocalIdentityN/Ause LocalIdentity calls instead!
-1566kOCENoMoreIDsN/Aidentity table is full
-1567kOCEUnknownIDN/Aidentity passed is not valid
-1568kOCEOperationDeniedN/ALocalID operation denied
-1569kOCEAmbiguousMatchesN/Aambiguous matches found in resolving CIDs (more than 1 CID)
-1570kOCENoASDSPWorkSpaceN/ANo ASDSP workspace passed for Open Secure Stream
-1571kOCEAuthenticationTroubleN/Ageneric authentication problem

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