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AOCE Catalog Errors(-1610 to -1646)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-1610kOCENotLocalN/Aserver does not serve requested dNode
-1611kOCETooBusyN/Aserver cannot complete call at this time
-1612kOCEDatabaseFullN/Adisk full
-1613kOCETargetDirectoryInaccessibleN/Acatalog server not responding
-1614kOCEBogusArgsN/Aargs not formatted correctly on wire
-1615kOCENoSuchDNodeN/Arequested dNode does not exist
-1616kOCEDNodeUnavailableN/Acould not find any servers that serve requested dNode
-1617kOCEBadRecordIDN/Ainvalid RecordID (usually name and/or type don't match cid)
-1618kOCENoSuchRecordN/Aspecified record does not exist
-1619kOCENoSuchAttributeValueN/Aattribute value that was passed does not exist
-1620kOCENoSuchPseudonymN/Aspecified pseudonym does not exist
-1622kOCETypeExistsN/Atype already exists in record
-1623kOCEMoreDataN/Aonly a warning - buffer not big enough
-1624kOCERefNumBadN/ARefNum is not valid
-1625kOCEStreamCreationErrN/Aproblem creating stream
-1626kOCEOperationNotSupportedN/Athe specified catalog does not support operation
-1627kOCEPABNotOpenN/Aspecified Personal Catalog is not open to make the operation
-1628kOCEDSAMInstallErrN/Aspecified CSAM could not be installed
-1629kOCEDirListFullErrN/Acatalog list is full, try removing an entry
-1630kOCEDirectoryNotFoundErrN/Acatalog was not found in the list
-1631kOCEAbortNotSupportedForThisCallN/Athis call cannot be aborted
-1632kOCEAbortedN/Athis call was aborted
-1633kOCEOCESetupRequiredN/ALocalIdentity Setup is required
-1634kOCEDSAMRecordNotFoundN/ACSAM Record not found
-1635kOCEDSAMNotInstantiatedN/ACSAM is not instantiated
-1636kOCEDSAMRecordExistsN/ACSAM record already exists
-1637kOCELengthErrorN/Asupplied buffer was too small
-1638kOCEBadStartingRecordN/ALookup starting record is not within range
-1639kOCEBadStartingAttributeN/ALookup starting attribute is not within range
-1640kOCEMoreAttrValueN/Aattribute value could not fit into buffer (even though it was the only value)
-1643kOCEMiscErrorN/Asome other error
-1644kOCENoSuchIconN/Ano matching icon from GetDirectoryIcon
-1645kOCERLIsDontMatchN/ARLIs do not match in lookup
-1646kOCEDirectoryCorruptN/ASerious disk fill corruption problem

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