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AppleEvent Errors(-1700 to -1719)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-1700errAECoercionFailN/AData could not be coerced to therequested descriptor type
-1701errAEDescNotFoundN/ADescriptor record was not found
-1702errAECorruptDataN/AData in an Apple event could not be read
-1703errAEWrongDataTypeN/AWrong descriptor type
-1704errAENotAEDescN/ANot a valid descriptor record
-1705errAEBadListItemN/AOperation involving a list item failed
-1706errAENewerVersionN/ANeed a newer version of the Apple Event Manager
-1707errAENotAppleEventN/AEvent is not an Apple event
-1708errAEEventNotHandledN/AEvent wasn't handled by an Apple event handler
-1709errAEReplyNotValidN/AAEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply
-1710errAEUnknownSendModeN/AInvalid sending mode was passed
-1711errAEWaitCanceledN/AUser canceled out of wait loop for replyor reciept
-1712errAETimeoutN/AApple event timed out
-1713errAENoUserInteractionN/ANo user interaction allowed
-1714errAENotASpecialFunctionN/AWrong keyword for a special function
-1715errAEParamMissedN/AHandler did not get all required paramters
-1716errAEUnknownAddressTypeN/AUnknown Apple event address type
-1717errAEHandlerNotFoundN/ANo handler found for an Apple event or a coersion
-1718errAEReplyNotArrivedN/AReply has not yet arrived
-1719errAEIllegalIndexN/ANot a valid list index

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