Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

I/O System Errors(-17 to -30)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-17controlErrN/ADriver can't respond to Control call
-18statusErrN/ADriver can't respond to Status call
-19readErrN/ADriver can't respond to Read call
-20writErrN/ADriver can't respond to Write call
-21badUnitErrN/ADriver ref num doesn't match unit table
-22unitEmptyErrN/ADriver ref num specifies NIL handle in unit table
-23openErrN/ARequested read/write permission doesn't match driver's open permission, or Attempt to open RAM serial Driver failed
-24closErrN/AClose failed; Permission to close .MPP driver was denied
-25dRemovErrN/Atried to remove an open driver
-26dInstErrN/ADrvrInstall couldn't find driver in resources
-27abortErrN/AIO call aborted by KillIO; Publisher has written a new edition "OR"
-27iIOAbortErrN/AIO abort error (Printing Manager)
-28notOpenErrN/ACouldn't rd/wr/ctl/sts cause driver not opened
-29unitTblFullErrN/AUnit table has no more entries
-30dceExtErrN/Adce extension error

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