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AOCE Digital Signature Errors(-1970 to -1983)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-1970kSIGOperationIncompatibleErrN/Acontext in use for different type of operation
-1971kSIGCertificateQueryDeniedN/Acan't query certificates with this context
-1972kSIGVerifyFailedErrN/Averification failed
-1973kSIGInvalidCredentialErrN/Averified OK but credential out of date, either pending or expired
-1974kSIGIndexErrN/Athe index given is outside range of allowable values
-1975kSIGSignerErrN/Aproblem with signer or signature
-1976kSIGPasswordErrN/Apassword incorrect
-1977kSIGInternalsErrN/Ainternal error occurred like a bad digest,context or signature
-1978kSIGToolboxNotPresentErrN/Afor client services (ie servers) to report back - not returned bythe TB
-1979kSIGContextPrepareErrN/Acontext either prepared with VerifyPrepare, SignPrepare or DigestPrepare already or has been corrupted
-1980kSIGNoDigestErrN/Ano digest in signature
-1981kSIGConversionErrN/Aunabld to convert attribute to Mac format
-1982kSIGSignerNotValidErrN/Asigner has either expired or is pending and can not sign
-1983kSIGNoSignatureN/Astandard file signature not found

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