Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Sound Manager Errors(-200 to -232)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-200noHardwareN/ARequired sound hardware not available [no hardware support for the specified synthesizer]
-201notEnoughHardwareN/AInsufficient hardware available [no more channels for the specified synthesizer]
-203queueFullN/ANo room in the queue
-204resProblemN/AProblem loading the resource
-205badChannelN/AChannel is corrupt or unusable [invalid channel queue length]
-206badFormatN/AResource is corrupt or unusable [handle to 'snd ' resource was invalid]
-207notEnoughBufferSpaceN/AInsufficient memory available
-208badFileFormatN/AFile is corrupt or unusable, or not AIFF or AIFF-C
-209channelN/AChannel is busy
-210buffersTooSmallN/ABuffer is too small
-211channelNotBusyN/AChannel not currently used
-212noMoreRealTimeN/ANot enough CPU time available
-213badParamN/AA parameter is incorrect
-220siNoSoundInHardwareN/ANo sound input hardware available
-221siBadSoundInDeviceN/AInvalid sound input device
-222siNoBufferSpecifiedN/ANo buffer specified
-223siInvalidCompressionN/AInvalid compression type
-224siHardDiskTooSlowN/AHard drive too slow to record
-225siInvalidSampleRateN/AInvalid sample rate
-226siInvalidSampleSizeN/AInvalid sample size
-227siDeviceBusyErrN/ASound input device is busy
-228siBadDeviceNameN/AInvalid device name
-229siBadRefNumN/AInvalid reference number
-230siInputDeviceErrN/AInput device hardware failure
-231siUnknownInfoTypeN/AUnknown type of information
-232siUnknownQualityN/AUnknown quality

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