Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Edition Manager Errors(-450 to -492)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-450editionMgrInitErrN/AManager not initialized or could notload package
-451badSectionErrN/ANot a valid section type
-452notRegisteredSectionErrN/ANot registered
-454badSubPartErrN/ABad edition container spec or invalid edition container
-460multiplePublisherWrnN/AAlready is a publisher
-461containerNotFoundWrnN/AAlias was not resolved
-463notThePublisherWrnN/ANot the publisher SCSI Manager Errors
-470scsiBadPBErrN/Ainvalid field(s) in the parameter block
-471scsiOverrunErrN/Aattempted to transfer too many bytes
-472scsiTransferErrN/Awrite flag conflicts with data transfer phase
-473scsiBusTOErrN/Abus error during transfer
-474scsiSelectTOErrN/AscsiSelTO exceeded (selection failed)
-475scsiTimeOutErrN/AscsiReqTO exceeded
-476scsiBusResetErrN/Athe bus was reset, so your request was aborted
-477scsiBadStatusN/Anon-zero (not "Good") status returned
-478scsiNoStatusErrN/Adevice did not go through a status phase
-479scsiLinkFailErrN/Alinked command never executed
-489scsiUnimpVctErrN/Aunimplemented routine was called SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF
-490userBreakN/Auser debugger break
-491strUserBreakN/Auser debugger break - display string on stack
-492exUserBreakN/Auser debugger break - execute commands on stack

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