Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

AFP Errors (XPP driver)(-5000 to -5032)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-5000afpAccessDeniedN/AAFP Access denied
-5001afpAuthContinueN/AAFP Authorization continue
-5002afpBadUAMN/AAFP Bad UAM
-5003afpBadVersNumN/AAFP Bad version number
-5004afpBitmapErrN/AAFP Bit map error
-5005afpCantMoveN/AAFP Can't move error
-5006afpDenyConflictN/AAFP Deny conflict
-5007afpDirNotEmptyN/AAFP Dir not empty
-5008afpDiskFullN/AAFP Disk full
-5009afpEofErrorN/AAFP End-of-File error
-5010afpFileBusyN/AAFP File busy
-5011afpFlatVoN/AAFP Flat volume
-5012afpItemNotFoundN/AAFP Information not found
-5013afpLockErrN/AAFP Lock error
-5014afpMiscErrN/AAFP Misc error
-5015afpNoMoreLocksN/AAFP No more locks
-5016afpNoServerN/AAFP No server
-5017afpObjectExistsN/AAFP Object already exists
-5018afpObjectNotFoundN/AAFP Object not found
-5019afpParmErrN/AAFP Parm error
-5020afpRangeNotLockedN/AAFP Range not locked
-5021afpRangeOverlapN/AAFP Range overlap
-5022afpSessClosedN/AAFP Session closed
-5023afpUserNotAuthN/AAFP User not authorized
-5024afpCallNotSupportedN/AAFP Call not supported
-5025afpObjectTypeErrN/AAFP Object type error
-5026afpTooManyFilesOpenN/AAFP Too many files open
-5027afpServerGoingDownN/AAFP Server going down
-5028afpCantRenameN/AAFP Can't rename
-5029afpDirNotFoundN/AAFP Directory not found
-5030afpIconTypeErrorN/ASize of new icon and one it replaces don't match
-5031afpVolLockedN/AVolume is Read-Only
-5032afpObjectLockedN/AObject is M/R/D/W inhibited

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