Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Errors(-64 to -90)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-64noDriveErrN/Adrive not installed
-65offLinErrN/Ar/w requested for an off-line drive
-66noNybErrN/Acouldn't find 5 nybbles in 200 tries
-67noAdrMkErrN/Acouldn't find valid addr mark
-68dataVerErrN/Aread verify compare failed
-69badCksmErrN/Aaddr mark checksum didn't check
-70badBtSlpErrN/Abad addr mark bit slip nibbles
-71noDtaMkErrN/Acouldn't find a data mark header
-72badDCksumN/Abad data mark checksum
-73badDBtSlpN/Abad data mark bit slip nibbles
-74wrUnderrunN/Awrite underrun occurre
-75cantStepErrN/Astep handshake failed
-76tk0BadErrN/Atrack 0 detect doesn't change
-77initIWMErrN/Aunable to initialize IWM
-78twoSideErrN/Atried to read 2nd side on a 1-sided drive
-79spdAdjErrN/Aunable to correctly adjust disk speed
-80seekErrN/Atrack number wrong on address mark
-81sectNFErrN/Asector number never found on a track
-82fmt1ErrN/Acan't find sector 0 after track format
-83fmt2ErrN/Acan't get enough sync
-84verErrN/Atrack failed to verify
-85clkRdErrN/Aunable to read same clock value twice
-86clkWrErrN/Atime written did not verify
-87prWrErrN/Aparameter RAM written didn't read-verify
-88prInitErrN/AInitUtil found the parameter RAM uninitialized
-89rcvrErrN/ASCC receiver error (framing, parity, OR)
-90breakRecdN/ABreak received (SCC)

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