Outdated Drivers
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DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors(-800 to -813)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-800rcDBNullN/AThe data item was NULL
-801rcDBValueN/AData available or successfully retrieved
-802rcDBErrorN/AError executing function
-803rcDBBadTypeN/ANext data item not of requested data type
-804rcDBBreakN/AFunction timed out
-805rcDBExecN/AQuery currently executing
-806reDBBadSessIDN/ASession ID is invalid
-807rcDBBadSessNumN/AInvalid session number
-808rcDBBadDDEVN/ACouldn't find the specified database extension,or error occurred in opening database extension
-809rcDBAsyncNotSuppN/AThe database extension does not support asynchronous calls
-810rcDBBadAsyncPBN/AInvalid parameter block specified
-811rcDBNoHandlerN/AThere is no handler for this data type installed for the current application
-812rcDBWrongVersionN/AWrong version number
-813rcDBPackNotInitedN/AThe InitDBPack function has not yet been called

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