Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Help Manager Errors(-850 to -863)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-850hmHelpDisabledN/AHelp balloons are not enabled
-851hmResNotFoundN/A ?
-852hmMemFullErrN/A ?
-853hmBalloonAbortedN/ABecause of constant cursor movement,the help balloon wasn't displayed
-854hmSameAsLastBalloonN/AMenu and item are same as previous menu and item
-855hmHelpManagerNotInitedN/AHelp menu not set up
-856hmBadSelectorN/A ?
-857hmSkippedBalloonN/ANo ballon content to fill in
-858hmWrongVersionN/AWrong version of Help Manager resource
-859hmUnknownHelpTypeN/AHelp message record contained a bad type
-860hmCouldNotLoadPackageN/A ?
-861hmOperationUnsupportedN/ABad method parameter
-862hmNoBalloonUpN/ANo balloon showing
-863hmCloseViewActiveN/AUser using CloseView won't let you remove balloon

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