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12-02-2001 - Well December is historically one of my 2 most active months so I thought perhaps big things should be in order. First of all I will be moving to a DEDICATED SERVER this month. It is an AMD Duron 1Ghz with 512MB of RAM, a 20gig HD, and has 10MB ether hooked up to 1 DS-3, 3 OC-3's, 1 1GB Ether, and soon another 1 GB Ether connection all to different providers for absolute redundancy. With this move and December being one of my biggest months I thought I would provide some major updates to the website. The first of these updates is to my Error Messages. I have updated the design added a FULL LIST of Windows Error Codes with a number, and now have a listing of ALL Standard Macintosh Errors. Further updates to come so stay tuned!!

11-30-2001 - Updated the numbered Dial-Up Networking Error Code list to include 19 new DUN errors introduced in Microsoft Windows XP. Updated the Line Noise page information for Motorola, BCM, Smartlink, STMicro, Lucent, and USR A/D, D/A Conversions. Updated the index page button rollovers, though the 'description text' was nice it was too fuzzy so they are now title rollovers.

11-27-2001 - My Error Messages button on the front page was broken. I fixed it. 'nuff said.

11-25-2001 - As the virus information script was slowing the index page load down, it has been removed. I also fixed the links on my Aztech page as aztechca.com has been bought by a porn pusher. Ads will be leaving the site soon for a short while. I have paid more in hosting that I have made with ads, but the last check will help me to move to a dedicated rack. ModemHelp.Net will soon be hosted on its very own AMD Athlon 1Ghz with 512MB of RAM. I will also be looking for a new ad agency, accepting donations (I will not make the site a charge site like chasms and windrivers.com has), and will be making ModemHelp.Net t-shirts among other gear for people to buy. I will also be creating a section soon on how you can help this website grow. Actually, it may be the ads that are slowing things down. As this looks like it may be the case, I have removed all of the ads currently serving on ModemHelp.net. I have also probably made some misc changes here and there from things that I have been working on, but have not noted them. Not big changes really, just a few I didn't write down is all. Enjoy all!

9-23-2001 - With virus issues moving from being just a Computer Tech's issue to quickly becoming an Internet Tech's issue I have done some redesigning to the front page of the site. Hopefully this will help everyone keep up to date on the latest virii. I also added the latest slashdot news updated every 30 minutes. In this design I have finally begun to turn this page into a tech portal page of sorts. With the new buttons on the frontpage, I have also decided to update my tabs. I have been told in the past that they are hard to read on some monitors (low contrast/brightness), so I made the text 3d white/yellow, rather than the previous 2d black/white.

9-14-2001 - I would like to express my deepest sympathies for those who have lost loved ones in tragedy that occurred New York, and express my hope that they catch and appropriately deal with the person(s) behind this. I do not have much to give, but hopefully some of you do. I have decided to utilize my site and add the Red Cross and Salvation Army crisis banners into my rotation for a two week period. These banners link to information that will aid anyone who is interested in finding out what they can do to help and I hope that you all decide to visit these sites. Thank you. -Bradford Liedel, Webmaster.

9-9-2001 - Updated the Winsock File Sizes article for Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Updated every page to display properly due to a way the center tag works in IE6. Added an "Other Forums" section to my forums, the first being Netsmog.com.

9-4-2001 - New Article Today! Take a look at my Winsock File Size and Location Guide. This article will be updated as new winsock file sizes and locations are found. I also re-added the v.huh article. I just noticed yesterday that it disappeared off of the article page when I redesigned it. Whoops.

9-3-2001 - Added Init/Driver pages for: ASound, Auspro/BrightCom, BCM/Broadcom, and Best Union. Updated the Quick Init Reference page AGAIN to add the Modem Type to the 2nd table (HSP, Software, or Hardware).

9-2-2001 - Today is my birthday!! Today is also yet another big day for the Quick Init Reference. I did a bunch of reformatting and added anchor navigation to make it easier and quicker to use now that the tables have so much inforamtion in them. I also added init strings for the Riptide and Chameleon, and also added inits for the Lucent LT Winmodem with driver version 6.0 or higher.

8-29-2001 - Updated the speed limit page for STMicroelectronics/SGS-Thomson. Created a speed limit page for Smartlink. Updated the Quick Reference page to add the Smartlink, Via Technologies, and TOPIC Semiconductor chipsets. Also added line noise links, changed around some formatting, and threw in a few extras. Take a look at the new and improved Quick Init Reference today! Added line noise information for STMicroelectronics/SGS-Thomson and Smartlink modems! Also added a link to line noise information in the Articles section.

8-28-2001 - Fixed title problems with some of the access server pages (most of them said LPM3 Analog) and the HTTP Error Page. Also fixed the table colors on the HTTP Error Page. Added information links on ALL the HTTP Errors!

8-27-2001 - Performed a TON of HTML cleanup on every manufacturer page in the init/driver database. Pages should load faster and bandwidth used by the pages should now be reduced. Not really something most techs that use this page will notice, but it was something that was bugging me and needed to get done. I also changed the color of the Articles page. The green was annoying me.

8-23-2001 - Fixed a table on the Lucent Portmaster Analog Disconnect Cause Code page. Added a Lucent Portmaster 3 ISDN Disconnect Codes page and a Cisco AAA Accounting Disconnect Codes page.

8-19-2001 - Thanks to Doug from the JetNet/Iowasocean Help Desk for providing me with several Outlook Express Error Fixes! I updated a bunch of tables today to a new style, primarily from the Error Codes section.

8-15-2001 - Today is pretty special for my Articles section. I have revamped the look, changed the fonts of the articles (got rid of the green lettering for the most part, etc), and added 2 new articles by Chris over at Everyone's Internet in Texas! The articles added were "Explaining WINMAIL.DAT E-mail Attachments" and "How to 'recover' Lost Content Advisor Passwords". Also updated the Quick Init Reference Guide with V.92 commands, the Broadcom BCM chipset, and a slightly new look!

8-14-2001 - After my error spree of sorts from yesterday with Winsock, SMTP, ASP, HTTP, and Trumpet Error Pages, I have continued the spree today. Today I implemented pages for ActiveX Data Object Errors, VBScript Errors, and JavaScript Errors.

8-13-2001 - Previously, for those who missed it: LINE NOISE IS HERE!, I have a NEW LOGO!, and, the page now has LESS POPUPS! Fixed the links on the imagemap for the Forum pages. Updated the line noise pages to reflect manual disconnect rather than the +++ escape code as this does not work at most login prompts. Updated the PC-Tel line noise page for %Q%L line noise detection and removed #UD detection as this does not work with most PC-Tel modems. Updated my news page and archived a bunch of the news. Cleaned up the HTML for Init/Driver pages for manufacturers starting with the letter A. Added a Winsock Error Code page. Added a HTTP Error Code page. Added a ASP Error Code page. Added a Trumpet Winsock 3.0 Error Code page. Added a SMTP Server Error Code page. Updated the ToDo List.

8-06-2001 - Previously, for those who missed it: LINE NOISE IS HERE!, I have a NEW LOGO!, and, the page has LESS POPUPS! Added an Access Server disconnect code page for Patton RAS.

8-05-2001 - LINE NOISE IS HERE! After a long wait, my line noise section has been unveiled, and I am sure that you will all find it to be very useful. More updates will be coming for this new section, and I encourage every tech who uses this page to take a look at its contents as soon as you get a chance, as it contains a ton of excellent information. NEW LOGO!!! Along with this update I have uploaded the new ModemHelp.Net logo, created by a user of this site from InfoBlvd.Net. I would like to thank everyone over there for their support! I would also like to thank everyone at EV1.Net for putting up with me and testing out the line noise section as I made it. I would also like to thank CoreComm (the ISP that I work for) for employing me and encouraging my technical growth, with a special thanks to RepoMan, my boss. Now for the other updates: Updated the Lectron driver link. Added Everex Manufacturer and Driver sites and did some page cleanup. Combined Dacom and Psion as they became Psion Dacom though are now called Psion Connect, added an init for the Goldcard PCMCIA, added another driver link, and did some page cleanup. Did some HTML cleanup to the D and P Manufacturer lists. Combined Atlas Peripherals and Newcom as they became the same company, but are now out of business. Added another driver link and homepage for the out of biz Atlas/Newcom and cleaned up the HTML of the page. Oh yeah, and if you haven't noticed, for your convenience, the page now has LESS POPUPS!!

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