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Modemhelp.Net News

5-27-2002 - ModemHelp.Net has gotten a new chat server! It is IRC based and provided by Telstra in Australia. The applet is very nice, and for those of you who don't like to use java chats, you can use mIRC, BitchX, Pirch or what have you. I will be hanging out in the chat room from time to time over the next week (probably will be hanging out in it alot actually), and plan on holding a "conference" of sorts soon to discuss the future of ModemHelp.Net, suggestions, additions, new sites coming up and other topics. Make sure to drop by and say hi!

5-10-2002 - Currently, we're experiencing technical difficulties in upgrading to the latest php version, it seems to not like SQL all that much. Thus forums will be down temporarily until I can figure out a way to make things tick. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, I have backups of all the current forum messages, so there should be no data loss.

-- Daniel O'Neal

UPDATE: Forums are back online, all data restored, no messages lost, feel free to visit the forums while i stress test it, thanks for everybody's patience in this upgrade, this should not happen again for a long long long time.

-- Daniel O'Neal

2-17-2002 - Well, we've had a few bumps in the road, and I still have a few things to fix since the server move, but I am working on it. Now I know I sort of promised everyone some huge updates in December, and did one big update, then no real word from me since, but it is all for good reasons. First of all I am on a new server (owned by my dear wife Kathryn), and that has been an interesting experience as I am (well, was supposed to be) the admin for it. I have to say that I know extrodinarily little about webhosting ;) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel O'Neal (our real server administrator) for the EXTRAORDINARY job he has done adminning the server, setting up my website, and preparing for the coming storm of new stuff I have in store for everyone. I have two brand new websites coming soon that I believe you will all appreciate a great deal. Well enough of the status update and on to today's updates. I have more to do today than what I have done, but I've updated about 50 pages with new title images and the old title image (the blue crossover bars that contain the purple text title) should now be gone and are now replaced with mini-modemhelp logos, under which is the title of that particular page in white. I also updated the About page to include Daniel, who is one of the coolest guys on Earth for spending the amount of time that he has spent with us getting everything ready, making sure everything is running properly, quickly attending to things when I screw them up, and for the general help and moral support he has given along the way ;). I am shooting for the 30th of this month for the unveiling of my two new websites, however I cannot make promises on that since I still have a great deal of work to do on them both. We shall see, keep your fingers crossed everybody!

1-02-2002 - Happy New Year everyone! Today I made some changes to the Index page that should increase the pageload time (though there may be a slight delay with the rollovers). Yes I know things are broken (RSS feed, forums, mailing list signups, feedback form, and I can't read my e-mail at this time, though I am receiving it). I am now on a really kickin server owned by my wife, but both my wife and I are fairly new to Linux and are having some trouble with a few things. Thanks to Kerm1t (our admin) for getting us thus far! I think he is currently on vacation, and hopefully will be back soon to save us from certain peril ;) Will do what I can as soon as I can, the forums are my #1 priority right now.

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