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Disaster Relief Update [12/29/2004]: As the death toll continues to rise these countries affected by the tsunami's need help more than ever. Below is a more comprehensive list of International Aid organizations that are accepting donations to help victims of this horrible earthquake.

Disaster Relief [12/27/2004]: There have been some horrible events unfolding in Asia due to a massive earthquake creating devastating tsunami's. Every donation both large and small can help tremendously in someone's hour of need. There are many different organizations providing relief and here are links to two:
http://www.cry.org/ - Child Relief and You
http://www.redcross.org/ - The Red Cross

ALERT! [12/10/2004]: There was a mail reception issue caused by a Norton Antivirus update made on December 6th, 2004. You may see OE Error 0x800CCC0F being caused by this issue. I have setup a page that links to the fix that you can give out to customers (as SARC's URL is long and clunky) at:

New Menu Option [10/27/2004]: Check out the new FAQs section! Formerly the FAQ section of vee90.net, it has been donatd by Alex Feazell and modified for ModemHelp.Net! You can check it out at:

Content Update [10/27/2004]: Updated the AntiVirus section with HotLinks for the different sections, as well as some minor updates/modifications. Also updated the links pagewide to be in bold, not change color when followed, and made the hover a little darker. Updated the About page with Alexander Feazell.

New Web Site [10/26/2004]: I have chosen a new IRC server to base the Chat Room, have seutp a new (faster and sleeker) Chat Client, and have split the Chat into its very own URL:

New Menu Option [10/25/2004]: Added a "definitive guide" to virus removal. It can be reached through the new "AntiVirus" menu option or directly at:

Content Update [10/19/2004]: Starting to perform a bit of "housecleaning" on my Error Message Pages. Updated DUN/RAS Errors: 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, and 605.

"Plug" [10/19/2004]: I'd like to direct people to a sweet new webcomic that is maintained by a friend of mine. This is especially good for those of you who are into roleplaying or have been at one time: http://www.closetgamers.com . Their first comic can be found at: http://www.closetgamers.com/comic_2004-05-05.php

Content Update [10/13/2004]: Added Google SiteSearch to replace the perl search that was used for searching the site. It was a cool search script, but Google is better. :-)

"Plug" [10/12/2004]: I want to thank Raven a TON for her help in designing this website. Almost everything you see in the new design/graphics can be attributed to her so a BIG thanks to her. Please show your thanks as well by taking a look at her website found at: http://www.shardsofalesya.net

Content Update [10/12/2004]: Made some changes to the menu system on the left. Fixed some table issues and made the font larger due to questions regarding readability. Increased the font size by 2px and switched from Verdana to Tahoma as the default font. Added bullets to the options that are actually their own websites to differentiate them from the normal menu options. Made banner/title image at the top of the page clickable for a "quick return home".

Site News [10/10/2004]: Welcome to the brand new face of ModemHelp.Net!! Feel free to let me know what you think of the new site design! A BIG thanks to Raven who created the design!

Content Update [10/10/2004]: Now differentiating between news types (Site News and Content Updates).

Content Update [10/10/2004]: Removed several sections that are no longer used. (To Do List, Newsletters, etc).

Content Update [10/10/2004]: Added two new ad types below the scroll of the page so that they will not be in the way, but will give ModemHelp.Net's users a wider variety of sponsers to be exposed to.

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