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4-23-2000 - BIG UPDATES FOR DIAL-UP NETWORKING TODAY!  Removed the links column from the dial-up networking errors by number list and added many of the links to the fixes themselves.  I found that some of these links were worthless/uneeded and decided that the links column was just making the chart come up slower.  NEW PAGES: DUN/RAS Errors 600, 601, 603, 605, 606, 608, 609, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615, 618, 619, 622, 624, 625, 628, 640, 641, 642, 646, 647, 648, 649, 651, 652, 657, 658, 660, 661, 663, 664, 665, 668, 677, 679, 681, 690, 692, 699, 700, 701, 704, 708, 709, 710, 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717, 719, 722, 723, 724, 725, 726, 727, 728, 729, 731, 732, 733, 734, 735, 736, 737, 738, 739, 741, 742, 743, 744, and 752.  UPDATED PAGES: DUN/RAS Errors 602, 629, 630, 631, 633, 635, 645, 650, 666, 667, 676, 678, 680, 691, 703, 718, 720, 721, 731, 732, and 745.  I only need 45 error fixes to complete the collection now!  If you know ANY of the fixes that I am missing, please contact me about it ASAP.  18 DUN/RAS errors left to figure out how to solve! Almost there!   NEW PAGES(second update of the day): DUN/RAS errors 607, 610, 617, 620, 634, 636, 639, 643, 644, 653, 654, 655, 656, 659, 669, 670, 671, 672, 673, 674, 675, 693, 698, 702, 707, 730, and 740.

4-21-2000 - UPDATED PAGES: Abaton and 3JTech.  NEW PAGES: A3J Engineering.  I also fixed, replaced, and/or removed 21 broken links.

4-19-2000 - Still doing some heavy research on the chipsets.  Item #1 - I added v34 speed limitations to the PC-Tel Limit connection speed page.  Item #2 - I took the Motorola and PC-Tel AMR chipsets off of the Quick Ref page, as these chipsets use the same AT Command sets as their normal versions.  Item #3 - PC-TEL BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!!  I found out that s-register 91 in PC-Tel HSP modems can actually COMPENSATE for line problems!  It sets the -dBm transmit level, meaning it can compensate for low or high voltage levels on your phone line.  s91=10 is the default setting.  Try s91=5 and/or s91=15 to try and fix problems.  Yay!  Also, thanks to Jeff at Motorola support I am learning about the SM-56's and should have a better understanding of the chipset soon, as I am already looking at some interesting topics like the +MS command that never seems to work and s-register 10, which may help with dropped connects.  I have updated the SM-56 and PC-Tel newsletters.

4-18-2000 - Updated the Motorola SM-56 speed limit info and the modulation commands on the Quick Reference page.  Not much else.  Doing some major research on the SM-56, and am digging into Conexant to try and find an AT Command reference for their Riptide (AMR) chipset.  After those, I will be looking into the other AMR cards to see what I can find out.  Soft modems plague you?  Just wait...now that AMR's are starting to flood the market.  Also, I'm looking into the USRobotics/3COM Gaming Modem.  Looks like some REALLY good stuff!  I thought it was the biggest mistake they could have made, by claiming something so not possible, but by the sounds of the technology this modem is worth the money!

4-17-2000 - Updated the Quick Reference page adding the ESS x2/v90, ESS v90, TI x2/v90, STMicroelectronics AMR, Motorola SM-56 AMR, PC-Tel AMR, and Rockwell/Conexant Riptide AMR chipsets.  Also updated the Quick Reference page adding several v.42bis disable strings, and how to limit your conneciton speed.  Updated the Motorola SM-56 techie newsletter article.  Updated the major 56k chipset pages for their corresponding connect speed limitation articles.  Converted the bmp's into gifs, and highlighted all of the hotspots on the Win95b w/ISDN Service Pack screenshot page.  Fixed a broken link in the "unable to estab.." article.

4-16-2000 - UPDATED PAGES: Pace, Pacific Image, Phoebe Micro, Puretek, Radicom, Simple Technologies, Smart (Modular Technologies), Taicom, Thundercom Holdings, Timedia, Trust, Web Excel, and Zoltrix.  NEW PAGES: Paradise, Phanta Link, Phonic Pro, Pionex, Protek, Spider Electronics, Tashika, Time Computers, and Tiny Computers.

4-15-2000 - Fixed broken links on Errors 676 and 680 to my RNAAPP page.  Fixed wrong microsoft links on the new "unable to neg.." article.  Decided to change "R&R" to "Uninstall and Reinstall" as several people wrote in, confused as to what "R&R" meant.  NEW PAGES: J.SIR Computer Inc., Leaf ASK, Lectron Co. Ltd., Media Force, Mitek, Novatech, and Origo.  UPDATED PAGES: Jaton, J-Mark, Kortex, Lasat, LightSpeed, Maestro, MagicXpress, Maxtech, MediaForte, Miro Computer Products, Modular Technology, MRI, Mr.Modem, NetComm, Olitec, and Ositech.  REFORMATTED PAGES: 3jtech, 3X, 4-Sight, and 96. ARTICLE UPDATES: Motorola SM-56 and IBM MWave.  Combined the 3COM and USR pages into one.   Began work on the "HELP!" section! Be SURE to check this new section out!  It is going to be a great addition when it is completed!  Also, I stayed up for a couple of extra hours to bring you the first set of screenshots!  Have fun with fully functioning Win95b w/ISDN Service Pack DUN!!!!!!

4-14-2000 - Wrote the fixes for DUN Error Messages: "Obtain IP Address Automatically.", "Unable to Open Communications Port.", "The Microsoft Dial Up Adapter is not installed or is not working properly.", "The Computer You're Dialing in to Cannot Establish a Dial-Up Networking Connection. Check Your Password, and Then Try Again.", "You Have Been Disconnected From the Computer You Dialed. Double-Click the Connection to try Again.", "The Line is Busy. Try Again Later.", "The Modem is Being Used by Another Dial-Up Networking Connection or Another Program. Disconnect the Other Connection or Close the Program, and Then Try Again.", "The Computer You Are Dialing is Not Answering. Try Again Later.", "There is No Dialtone. Make Sure Your Modem is Connected to the Phone Line Properly.".  Wrote the fix/techie newsletter article for DUN Error Message "Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in the Server Type settings. Check your network configuration in the Control Panel then try connecting again.".  UPDATED PAGES: Digitan, Dynalink, Dynamode, E-tech, Echo Communications, Eiger Labs, Elsa, Emachines, Encore Electronics, Euroviva, Genica, GVC, HAiCOM, Harmony, Hawking Technology, Hayes, Hightech, Inpro, and Intertex.  NEW PAGES: Digital Integrated System Sdn. Bhd., Hostmodem, and Inteva.  Setup hyperlinking text for the September 1999 news.

4-13-2000 - Messed with the title graphic (*again*).  Redesigned manufacturer pages I-Z. Reformatted the manufacturer lists to a single font size.  UPDATED PAGES: Dacom, DAN Technology PLC, Dataflex, Diamond, Supra, S3, Digicom Systems Inc, and Digicorp.  NEW PAGES: Digicom(Italian Company).  Changed format for the news page (setup archives, created hypertext news but only for recent news, old news can wait for this). Altered DUN Error page to go to 3 sections.  The new section is "DUN Errors without an Error Number". Created a mailing list at Listbot! Feel free to join with the link at the bottom of the page!

4-12-2000 - Revised the v.huh? article.  Reformatted manufacturer pages B-H.  Changed the resize setting of the main logo.  Added a fix for DUN error 703 thanks to Marcel Benoit!

4-11-2000 - I decided to invert the alphabet buttons for easier viewing.  Wrote article entitled ""v.huh?" v.stuff explained."  Found out that my margins do not work properly in netscape, and fixed this bug.  Also found the reason why the search form was not centering in netscape and fixed it.  Decided to shave 10% off of the height and width of the main logo.  Started work tonight on the "new look" of the init/driver pages.  Was able to finish all of the letter A, check 'em out and let me know what you think.

4-10-2000 - I found that on several computer's whose brightness or contrast was fairly dark the page buttons were fairly unreadable.  Due to this I decided to invert the buttons until I can create some graphics that are lighted better.  Added an Ambicom page (lucent venus and rockwell ACF PC Card manufacturers) thanks to Kris over at ExecPC.  Also figured out how to change the forum background and title graphic to create more consistancy.  The quick reference guide was somewhat difficult to read on the left with the new background, so I set everything in it to bold face to fix this.

4-9-2000 - If you want a full update on the changes I made in the past two days, it isn't happening. Holy page redesign batman! Thanks to Kice (an associate of mine at RiSC Software) I now have a kick butt page layout and some really awesome graphics. We worked for countless hours this weekend to bring this new page and we finally have some nice eye candy. Enjoy all!

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