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8-26-2000 - Ok everyone, I guess I have a little explaining to do.  I have been busy.  B-U-S-Y.  With that *big* 'ol capital B.  I would like you all to wish my fiancÚ (to whom I proposed to just recently) good luck with her new job teaching 4th grade!  Woohoo, go Katie!  I love you!!  Ok, so all in all I have been a busy man and have been in the process of a total makeover for this website.  It is not easy going from Frontpage to notepad, especially without rewriting everything, but rest assured, I am back, and you should expect some major updates/changes soon.  I will be adding a section I have been working on for the past two months for help with interpreting error codes reported by your modem banks to radius.  I will be adding a section for Lucent LPM3's, 3COM/USR Total Controls, and Ascends.  Once this is up, let your network guru's know cause I know several of these guys who are excited to see what I have come up with.  (Mainly the guys who asked me to do it;) )  For instance, when looking at a logfile you will normally see a disconnect cause of "Lost Carrier" or something like that right?  Well what about when you see a disconnect cause of "23"?  What the heck is that?  Well...I know :)  And I am going tell you!  I also want to update the HELP! section and get more screenshots up there.  Now, there are 3 pieces of big news I want to share with you all aside from what I have already mentioned.  1) My first chipset manufacturer has contacted me about my webpage.  Their basic response was "Great site!  Why aren't we on there?"  Well, honestly, I don't know!  So I am working with one of their lead engineers to bring you all support for Smart Link chipset based AMR's/soft modems.  Now *this* is a chipset manufacturer who cares, and even though they make soft modems (which I am not a big fan of), I have to say that they should definitely be set apart from the other manufacturers, cause they really seem to want to bring a good base of customer support to their customers and even the end users.  There may be no modem worse than a soft one, but there is no manufacturer better than one that cares!  Give a huge round applause to the guys over at Smart Link!  2) Two people have contacted me and want to help out with the website!  So not only should I be doing some big updates soon, but I am going to have help with getting the articles all up, and other misc items!  You know who you are and I will be contacting you soon!  I am waaaaaaay backed up on e-mail and plan to respond to all of it by the end of next week.  3) Who's your favorite modem company?  Who is the biggest name in analog modems?  Who got bought by 3COM and their modems now bear the 3COM name?  Well USRobotics of course!  Well look no further because USRobotics has become its own company again and their website is back online!  Check it out at: http://www.usr.com !!  You want the best hardware modems in the business?  Look no further than USRobotics!  Now, as for updates to the page tonight...  The news archives no longer have a ton of hyperlinks in them.  I decided they were annoying and scrapped them.  Goodbye hyperlinks.  Added DUN error fixes for error numbers 638, 616, and 626 thanks to help from Spazman77, wharfrat, and Abe on the forums!  Keep it coming guys, only 14 errors to go and we have a complete list!  Shrunk the logo pic on the index page.  Updated the Smart Link Ltd. page, now it has several links, and so far 1 init, more to come as I update the Quick Reference guide to include Smart Link.  Cleaned up the index page a little more, and made some modifications to the legal page.

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