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Modemhelp.Net News

1-30-2001 - Realigned the imagemaps to eliminate the whitespace.

1-30-2001 - I just installed a great new search engine from perlfect! It is onsite, fast, easy to index, and spits out some great result pages! I am going to redesign the search page as a whole a little later (maybe tonight) but the engine itself is ready to go! Check it out!

1-29-2001 - ModemHelp.Net now has it's own onsite forums! I will see what I can do about importing the posts in the old eesite forums, but have not since they have been up and down for the past 2 days. The new forums work great and even include a search feature!

1-28-2001 - Fixed some spacing issues in the tables of the new design. The HP Riptide is NOT an AMR, corrected this typo. Would do more, but I pulled/injured my middle finger the other day somehow (nope, not in traffic, lol), and it seriously hurts to type right now. That, combined with the need for sleep has made it decidedly so. I will sleep before 2am tonight. Bleh.. Oh well, maybe my hand will feel better and I can do some more work tomorrow.

1-25-2001 - Welcome to the new and improved final revision of ModemHelp.Net! There are several misc updates pagewide, however they are really of no consequence compared to the new page design ;). However, 2 things to note is that ModemHelp.Net has 2 new mailing lists. A discussion list, and a newsletter list, the first being for techs to talk amongst themselves about different issues, and the second to let everyone know about major updates to the page and major happenings in the Modem/ISP world. The only thing that may get redesigned (navigationalwise) is this frontpage, like the way the buttons below are setup, etc. Let me know what you all think!

1-21-2001 - We're on the new host and it looks to be cruising along!! I did a little more cleanup in this update, and I also fixed a slightly broken script. It wouldn't be anything anyone would notice as broken, except that it may have caused a little delay. That slight delay should be gone now.

1-18-2001 - As we are approaching the move to a new webhost (a good one), I will be paying more money than I am right now. As bandwidth is expensive, and as load time is an issue at present, I have been making modifications to allieviate these issues. Several of these modifications has taken place today, among these modifications were new buttons for the alphabetical listing page (150-200 bytes rather than 800-900 bytes, gifs rather than jpgs), and some HTML code cleanup. The only change you will notice from the code cleanup is that the fontsize of the DUN error page is now 3, instead of 2. Bigger font, but smaller pagesize. I decreased the pagesize by about 20k, and as that page is the among the most popular, it should decrease monthly bandwidth up to a full gig!

1-15-2001 - Did an overhaul on the index page. Should be a little faster load time, and easier to navigate (after a day of getting used to it). All in all I like it much better than the table with descriptions next to the smaller buttons. Also added a script to preload images so that the mouseovers work much MUCH better. What do you think? Be sure to send me your feedback!

1-2-2001 - Made some changes in the menu and SSI system. Instead of each directory having its own they are now pointing correctly to just 4 directories. (16 files) This should help with loadtime caching, and overall page performance.

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