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Modemhelp.Net News

5-17-2000 - Little more reformatting today.  Added a page for Billionton and updated the Rockwell/Conexant manufacturer page.

5-16-2000 - Bunch of misc. structural changes, reformatting, and page cleanup.

5-9-2000 - Finished the new Basic AT Command Set.  It's a good one, so be sure and check it out!

5-7-2000 - Made a bunch of administrative/file structure changes today.  On my first upload I broke a ton of hit counters, so some are going to be off.  No matter.  All will be reset to 0 soon, when the page finally makes it's move.  (Which is why I decided to do some file structure changes now instead of later.)  The hit counters were still broken...  I ended up deciding to get rid of all the hit counters (as this is the second time this has happened).  Will have webstats soon anyhow.  If they annoyed you previously, fear not.  They're gone!

5-5-2000 - Started work on a brand spankin new basic AT Command Set.  This one is going to be fully detailed and setup much nicer than the old one I had up.  All I have up currently are variables that do not have a symbol in front of them, however I encourage you to check it out.  It should be finished tomorrow.

5-4-2000 - Updated the Quick Reference Strings chart to include common inits for previously missing chipsets and to include s-registers that are helpful to stop dropped connections.  I plan on updating techie newsletters to reflect these changes soon and also plan on updating the chipset pages soon.  Made several other minor updates. 

5-3-2000 - Thanks to Joy and Ben for working with me on creating the fixes for OT/PPP Errors: 7115, 7116, 7117, 7123, 7124, 7125, 7126, 7128, 7130, 7131, 7132, 7133, 7134, 7135, 7136, 7137, 7138, 7139, 7140, 7141, 7142, 7144, 7145, 7146, 7147, 7148, 7152, 7153, 7163, 7164, 7165, 7167, and 7168! These fixes mean that I now have fixes for ALL the OT/PPP errors, ALL the FreePPP errors, and all but 17 of the DUN errors!

5-2-2000 - Bunch of misc updates here and there and some hyperlink fixes before the webspace move later today.  There is no estimated downtime, should be a clean move.

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