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10-28-1999 - Added a fix and links pages for DUN Error 691, DUN Error 718, DUN Error 732, DUN Error 733, and DUN Error 745.

10-27-1999 - Altered the DUN Error 629 fix page to add another step. Also nuked a bunch of unused folders that no one will notice. Added fix and links pages for DUN Error 630, DUN Error 633, DUN Error 645, and DUN Error 650. Updated the Coming Attractions page.

10-26-1999 - Altered the DUN Error Code page into a chart format, preparing it for fixes and links pages for each error code. Several messages will hopefully have these pages over the next several days. If any techs out there want to write up some fixes in notepad to any of these error messages, feel free to send them off to me! Fixed the broken links to 3COM, 3X, and 96. Changed the name of the comments and submissions form on the frontpage. Added a fix page and links page for DUN Error 629.

10-25-1999 - Added the Coming Attractions page. Made a few mods to the frontpage again. Added a MAC Error Codes Page, and linked from it, specifically, an OT/PPP error code page and a FreePPP error code page.

10-23-1999 - Been trying to update the site lately, just haven't had much time. Will try and keep this part of the page posted as to my efforts nonetheless. Removed broken driver site links for hewlett packard, pine, proteon, Texas Instruments, and MIN Communications. Added a coming attractions section that will turn into a link in a few days (when I get the page done). Currently I have several additions that I am going to be making to the page and will post the things I am working on in this new section.

10-16-1999 - Fixed the comments submission form and put the link back up (hopefully).

10-15-1999 - Updated the DUN Error Code Page so it doesn't look so horrid.  Added a comments submission form finally. Removed the comments submission form due to problems getting it working correctly.

10-11-1999 - Removed 2 bum strings and added 2 strings on the Rockwell manufacturer page.

10-6-1999 - Added manufacturer pages for Netaccess, NetSurf, Nimble, Octek, Option International, Ozzo, PairGain Technologies, Paradyne, PC Mint, Phoenix Research Group, Pragmatic, Prostar, Proteon, Sagem, Server Tech, SOHOware, Soundblaster, Speedcom, Spica, Spirit Modems & Video, Super Power, Sysgration, Target, TEAC America, Teles, Telix, Timedia, Trogon, Tulip, Tyan, Wave Artist, Web Excel, Wildcard, and Zenon. Added manufacturer and/or driver links for Texas Instruments.

10-5-1999 - Added manufacturer pages for ACorp, ActionMedia, Addax, ADI System, Agiler, Allied Data, Alloy, AME Group, Apac, Argosy, Aristo, Asonic, Attachmate, AudioWave, Award, Behavior Tech Computer, Billion, BOS, CalComp, CIS Technology, Comtrade, Connectware, D&B International Comp, DAN Technology PLC, Data Technology (DTC), Davicom, DCS Multimedia, Diamond Data (Mitsubishi), Digi International, DTK Computer, Emachines, ENPower, Eqinox Systems, Espco, Euroviva, Extended Systems, FIC, First International Computer, Formosa Industrial Computing, Genius (KYE), Golden Way Electronic, Grey Cell Systems, Hallmark, Hermstedt GmbH, Hi Val, Hightech, Hoontech, Hotline, Information Resource Engineering, Inovative Trek Technology, Intellicards, Intertex Data AB, IQ Technologies, ISDNtek, JCI-JCCOM, Jet Media Labs, Kapok, Kelyx, KeyData, Kiwi, Kontron, livingston enterprises, Logitech, LongShine, MagicXpress, Maximus, MediaForte, Micom, Micon, Miro Computer Products, Mitron, Mitsuba, and MRI.

10-2-1999 - Made a few mods to the frontpage and the quick reference page. Made what is hopefully some changes to the DUN Error Code page to make it a bit quicker to read.

10-1-1999 - Added manufacturer and/or driver links for Active, Adtran, Anchor, Apex, Apple, Aspen, Atech, ATI Technologies, AT&T, Avtek, Cambridge, Cardinal, ChemUSA, Chic, Cirrus Logic, Creative Labs, Dayna, Dynamode, EICON, Ellcon, ESS Technologies, Farallon, Hayes, HSP(PCTel), Infotel, Kortex, Logicode, Magnavox, Metricom, Mitsubishi, NEC, Novafax, Olicom, Packard Bell, PCTel, Pine, Pro-Link, Prometheus, Radicom, Rockwell, Shiva, Simple Technologies, Smart, Telebit, Toshiba, Twinhead, UMS, and Viva. WHEW!

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