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By: Bradford W. Liedel

   The IBM MWave modem is both a modem and a sound card.  The MWave modem has had many rough spots, and I have heard many times that at one point they were recalled by IBM, though I have not been able to find any solid evidence yet to support this claim.  The main reason for the supposed recall is that they have trouble connecting to modems other than other MWaves.  The MWave modem is tricky, and there are different internet sites that are actually dedicated to getting this modem to work.  One of these sites dedicated to solving problems with the MWave can be found at: http://modems.rosenet.net/pn/ibm.phtml The modem is sometimes hard to deal with, and some Internet Service Providers even go so far as to refuse to support customers with these modems.  However, they CAN connect, and hopefully this article will give some insight to how to get them to do so.  Remember, as always, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that one of the major steps that you take in getting these modems to connect is to get the latest software for the modem.  

   Like the Motorola SM56's, I have yet to find a basic procedure for getting these modems to work, as I have not dealt with them quite as much as I have certain other brands.  They are tricky, but most connection troubles you experience with them should be able to be fixed.  Also, like the Motorola SM56's these modems are sensitive to line noise, even though they are not 56k modems.  Remember to be wary of line noise and devices attached to the phone line the modem is hooked into that could cause line noise, like splitters or surge protectors.  Here is the procedure I would use:

Fifos: Lower these 1 notch apiece and add an init, if the problems persists try lowering them all the way.

Inits:  First lower the port speed to 38400

AT"H%C\NS28=18 (No idea, but works! ("H = V.42bis Compression Control))

AT&F&D3\N5\Q3 (Works in the UK...do not know if it works here.  Let me know if it does.)

AT"H%C\N*TH8 (Connecting to Livingston Portmaster 3's, but worth a try on other units)

ATZ (Basic init)

AT&F (Basic init #2)

AT&F&C1&D2&K3 (Basic connection trouble solving init)

ATS0=0Q0V1&C1&D2M (Recommended by IBM)

ATS28=18 (More of a basic version of the first recommended non-basic init)

AT&F&C1&D2&K3Q0V1X4S0=0 (Another suggested init I found laying around)

Other things to try: If dropped connections are a problem, try checking the box that says required to connect under error control.  If drop connects are not the problem then you may want to try (as a last ditch effort) turning error control OFF.  

Here is where you can get the latest drivers for your MWave modem:

IBM's driver by computer search page:


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