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Rockwell/Conexant HCF/HSF(Soft56)/ACF(driver version 3.xx) String Explaination


Rockwell HCF/HSF(Soft56)/ACF(driver version 3.xx) (force v34 #2)



AT: (beginning of most inits) Attention!

&F: (factory init) Set all commands to the most commonly used.

&C1: (DCD signal) required if software uses the Carrier Detect pin to check if a carrier is present.

&D2: (DTR Option) instructs the modem to hangup upon a DTR signal drop, the most common way software instructs it to do so.

&K3: (Flow control) Enables RTS/CTS flow control.

+MS=v34: (select modulation) Set modulation to v34.

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