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Rockwell 56k HCF Chipset

Rockwell 56k HCF Chipset


AT: (beginning of most inits) Attention!

&F: Sets the values loaded in the active profile to the values that are set in the default profile.

&C1: DCD enabled after a carrier signal is detected

&D2: DTR drop causes modem to hang up

x4: Busy and dialtone detection enabled. Result codes 0-7,10 enabled.

W1: Enables the CONNECT result codes to report the DTE speed.

S7=60: Wait at least 60 seconds for carrier before discontinuing connection attempt.

S11=60: Set DTMF Tone Duration to 0.06 seconds

&Q5: Error correction mode

s46=2: Modem will negotiate with a remote modem for data compression.

&K3: Enable RTS/CTS flow control

S36=7: Attempt MNP, if MNP fails, the modem will fall back to an asynchronous connection.

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