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IBM Driver Page
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Initialization Strings:

IBM 12000 7855AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0&A8\N3\Q3
IBM 14.4 7851-001AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0&Q5&K3\J0
IBM 14.4 7851-002AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 14.4 7852-001 (SOHO)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 14.4 DataFax HighspeedAT&F&C1&D2\J0\N3&K3&Q5%C3W1
IBM 14.4 Easy OptionsAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5%C3\N3S7=60S95=47
IBM 14.4 IntAT&F&C1&D2%C0
IBM 14.4 IntAT&F&C1&D2
IBM 14.4 IntAT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W1\N3&Q5&K3
IBM 14.4 Internal (ISA)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 14.4 Internal (Microchannel)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3
IBM 14.4 Internal ThinkPadAT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0\N3\J0
IBM 14.4 MwaveAT&F&C1&D2&K3
IBM 14.4 Mwave (Generic)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N7\Q3
IBM 14.4 Mwave WindSurfer (old)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N3\Q3
IBM 14.4 N51 LaptopAT&F&C1&D2\J0\N7\Q3\V2%C1
IBM 14.4 NC400AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
IBM 14.4 OptionsAT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
IBM 14.4 Options PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
IBM 14.4 Options PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D2&K3
IBM 14.4 PCMCIA (Integrated DAA)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0%E2\N3&K3
IBM 14.4 PCMCIA (Original)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0%E1\N3&K3
IBM 14.4 PS/55 note Data/FaxAT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N3&K3
IBM 19.2 7857AT&D2&C1X2V1Q0S7=70&E1&K2&U4&I1
IBM 28.8 7852-010AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 28.8 7852-013AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 28.8 Data/Fax PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=50S38=7S46=138S48=7S95=47
IBM 28.8 Internal (ISA)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
IBM 28.8 PCMCIA (Integrated DAA)AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0%E2\N3&K3
IBM 7851 14.4Kbps External Data/FaxAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S36=7S46=138S95=47
IBM 7851 14.4Kbps External Data/Fax ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S36=7S46=138S95=47
IBM 7852 Model 10 28.8Kbps External Data/Fax ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=44
IBM 7852 Model 10 28.8Kbps External Data/Fax ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=44
IBM 7852 Model 13 28.8Kbps External Data/Fax ModemAT&F&C1&D3S7=30
IBM 7855 Model 10ATS0=0E1Q0V1X4&K3
IBM 7855 Model 10AT&F&C1&D2&AL8&B8N1&I0&M0D0R2%H0%L2
IBM 7855 Model 10AT&F&C1&D2&AL8&B8N1&I0&M0\D0\
IBM 7855 Model 10 (19200)AT&FQ0V1X4Y0&B8N1%G1%H1 %F1&I0&M0\K0\M14\Q2\R1%C1C1S0=0
IBM 7855 Modem Model 10 (MNP)AT&F&C1&D2\N3\Q2\V1%C1S7=60
IBM 7855Model10ATS0=0E1Q0V1X4&K3
IBM 9600 7855AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3
IBM 9600 Internal PS/1AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70
IBM 9600 Internal ThinkPadAT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\G0\N3\Q3
IBM AptivaAT&F&C1&D2&K3
IBM Aptiva 14.4 IntAT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
IBM Aptiva 14.4 IntAT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
IBM Aptiva MWave (28.833.6)AT&F\N5
IBM Aptiva MWave (28.833.6)AT&F\N0%C0
IBM Aptiva MWave (28.833.6)AT&F*TH8
IBM Data/Fax 56k X2AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70&M4&B1&H1&R2
IBM Data/Fax Modem PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S38=7S46=138S48=7S95=47
IBM Data/Fax Modem PCMCIA (V.42bis)AT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S38=7S46=138S48=7S95=47
IBM Data/Fax PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5 %C3\N3S7=60S38=7S46=138S48=7S95=47
IBM DataFax Highspeed 14.4AT&F&C1&D2\J0\N3&K3&Q5%C3W1
IBM Easy Options 14.4 Kbps ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q5%C3\N3S7=60S95=47
IBM Easy Options 14.4 v.32 bisAT&F&C1&D2X4 (will use \N3, and \Q3)
IBM GeneralATS0=0E1Q0V1X4
IBM Home and Away PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D2S95=1
IBM L40SX laptop (IBM modem)ATS0=0E1Q0V1X4
IBM MOD321 56K (Internal)AT&F1&A1X4&C1&D3&K3S7=60
IBM Model 5842 2400ATS0=0Q0V1E0M0H0S2=1X1
IBM Modem 1200 (5841)AT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3\J0\V1
IBM MWaveAT&F\N0%C0"H0
IBM MWaveAT&F&C1&D2&K3S38=100
IBM MWaveAT"H%C\NS28=18
IBM MWaveAT&FX1\Q3\N7"H3
IBM MWaveATS0=0Q0V1&C1&D2M
IBM MWave 14.4 Modem (V.42bis)AT&F
IBM MWave 14.4 Modem (V.42bis)AT&FX4&C1&D3%C1\N7\Q3"H3S7=60
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&C1&D0W2\N4
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&F&D0&N0\N3%C1%E2S0=0
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&F&D0X4W2
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&F&D0X4W2\N4
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&F&K0\N0
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&F&C1&D2&K3
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&FV1&D0W2X4
IBM MWave 28.8 or 33.6AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N7\Q3
IBM MWave 28.8 PCMCIA V3.0 (V.42bis)AT&FX4&C1&D3\N7\Q3"H3S7=60
IBM MWave 28800AT&F&K0\N0
IBM MWave DSP (multitask)AT&F&C1&D2\N3\Q3\G0\J0
IBM MWave DSP (multitask)AT&F*TH8 (doesn't always work)
IBM MWave DSP (multitask)AT&F&C1&D2\N3%C0 (288336)
IBM MWave Modem 14400AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
IBM MWave V.34 DSP (2.0 FlashRom)AT&F
IBM MWave V.34 DSP (2.0 FlashRom)AT&F&C1%C0"H0*TH8&D3\Q3S7=30S33=1
IBM MWave WindSurferAT&F\N0%C0
IBM N51 Laptop 14400AT&F&C1&D2\J0\N7\Q3\V2%C1
IBM N51 Laptop 9600AT&F&C1&D2\J0\N7\Q3\V2%C1
IBM Options 288 PCMCIAAT&F&C1&D2S95=1
IBM OtherATS0=0E1Q0V1X4
IBM PC 2400 bps ModemAT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3\J0\V1
IBM PCMCIA 56k X2AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70&M4&B1&H1&R2
IBM PCMCIA Laptop 14.4ATS0=0E1Q0V1X4&K3
IBM PS/2 Data/FaxAT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3\J0\V1
IBM PS/2 Data/Fax ModemAT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3\J0\V1
IBM Thinkpad (Data race modem)AT&F&C1&D2\N3\Q3\G0\J0
IBM Thinkpad (Data race modem)AT&F&C1&D2X4&S1W2
IBM Thinkpad 28.8 Mwave Data FaxAT&F&C1&D2V1\V1\T0\N7%C1"H3B0&N0X4S7=55
IBM Thinkpad 701C/701CS (V.42bis)AT&FX4&C1&D3&K3&Q6\N7\Q3%C1S7=60
IBM Thinkpad 701C/701CS Internal ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q6%C1S7=55
IBM ThinkPad 701C/701CS Internal ModemAT&FW2&C1&D3&K3&Q6%C1S7=60
IBM Thinkpad DSP 14.4AT&FE0V1%C0/N0
IBM ThinkPad Internal V.32terboAT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
IBM ThinkPad Internal V.32terboAT&F&C1&D2&K3
IBM WaveRunner (ISDN) HDLC Async to SyncAT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
IBM WaveRunner (ISDN) V.120AT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
IBM WaveRunner (ISDN) V.120/Modem driversAT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
IBM WaveRunner (ISDN) with Async to Sync driverAT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
IBM WaveRunner (WinISDN)ATZ
IBM WaveRunner with Async-to-Sync driverAT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
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