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  • Bradford Liedel

  • Webmaster
    Creation, design, maintenance, research, forum moderation, ownership, and most everything else.
    Nickname: Destiny
    Birthdate: 09/02/1977
    Sex: Male
    Location: Howell, MI (USA)
    E-Mail: bliedel@modemhelp.net

  • Daniel O'Neal

  • UNIX Administrator
    Server setup, administration, maintenance, installation, and server support.
    Nickname: kerm1t, nex|E
    Birthdate: 09/02/1977
    Sex: Male
    Location: Houston, TX (USA)
    Affiliation(s): Modemhelp.net
    E-mail: kerm1t@modemhelp.net
    Homepage: His Resume

  • Logan Meller

  • Screenshot Artist, Contributor
    A Vast Majority of the screenshots on found on this page!
    Sex: Male
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO (USA)
    Affiliation(s): Modemhelp.net

  • Alexander Feazell

  • Major Content Contributor
    Former Webmaster of vee90.net, all information from the former site was donated to ModemHelp.Net!
    Nickname: Zand94
    Sex: Male
    Location: Harrisburg, PA (USA)
    Affiliation(s): Modemhelp.net
    E-mail: vee90@mindspring.com

  • Kice

  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic design, page layout, color coordination, moral support.
    Sex: Male
    Affiliation(s): Modemhelp.net, RiSC

  • Sandra Hunter

  • Article Author
    Contribution: "A Techie's Guide to Combating RNAAPP.EXE"
    Nickname: latrouble
    Sex: Female
    E-mail: latrouble@wnonline.net

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