Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Windows Errors
DUN/RAS Error Codes That Have a Number

DUN/RAS Error Codes That Do Not Have a Number Associated With Them

Outlook Express Error Codes

Winsock Error Codes

ALL Non-DUN/RAS Windows Errors That Have a Number

Multi-Platform Errors
SMTP Error Codes

HTTP Error Codes

ASP Error Codes

JavaScript Error Codes

VBScript Error Codes

ActiveX Data Object Error Codes

Windows 3.x Errors
Trumpet Winsock 3 Error Codes
Access Server Errors
Error Codes reported to Radius from Remote Access Servers
Macintosh Errors
FULL List of Macintosh Errors

FreePPP Errors

OT/PPP Error Codes(7102 to 7168)

AppleTalk Errors(-91 to -99)

AppleTalk - PPC Toolbox Errors(-900 to -932)

AppleTalk - NBP Errors(-1024 to -1029)

ASP Errors (XPP driver)(-1066 to -1075)

AppleTalk - ATP Errors(-1096 to -1105)

Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors(-1273 to -1280)

AppleTalk - ATP Errors(-3101 to -3109)

Open Transport Errors(-3150 to -3180 and 0000)

Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - NETSHARE MANAGER(-5808 to -5845)

Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - LINKTOOL MANAGER(-5901 to -5930)

Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - AR2(-6051 to -6060)

Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - MODEM CCL(-6000 to -6026)

Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - ARA 3.0 Scripting(-7102 to -7185)

Mac TCP Error Codes(-23000 to -23048)

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