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New ScreenShots and Don't Forget to Check Out Broadband!(Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net & Broadband.ModemHelp.Net) [01/17/2008]: New Avast 4.7 screenshots have been posted! MacOS 10.5 screenshots are coming soon, just awaiting a few kinks to be worked out. Also, don't forget to stop by and check out the brand new Broadband.ModemHelp.Net!

Broadband.ModemHelp.Net (Broadband.ModemHelp.Net) [1/14/2008]: It has been about a month since the last news, but for good reason. Today is an important day for ModemHelp.Net, as it marks the release of a site long in development, Broadband.ModemHelp.Net!

Broadband.ModemHelp.Net is already packed with troubleshooting information for nearly 200 cable, dsl, and satellite modems, as well as general router information, PPPoE Error fixes, and more! We are now looking for people to submit data on more modems, fixes, and any other information you think might be useful to other broadband support representatives and end users. Whether you are looking to make a contribution or a suggestion, please let me know about it by e-mailing me at bliedel@modemhelp.net today! There are several more big additions to come over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for an ever-growing ModemHelp.Net!

MacOS X 10.5 Sponsor? (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/18/2007]: Last year ModemHelp.Net's holiday season was brightened by NDemand sponsoring Windows Vista screenshots by purchasing us the tools to make this happen. I thought I would ask this year if anyone out there would be interested in sponsoring MacOS X 10.5 Leopard screenshots. This would require the purchase of a new Apple computer or an older Apple computer and the purchase of a copy of Leopard. Alternatively, an ISP could donate screenshots that they have already taken. Make certain to ask your supervisor or manager if your company may be interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring this endeavor and making ModemHelp.Net's Christmas wish come true! Please direct any questions to me at bliedel@modemhelp.net.

Windows 2000 Bugfix (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/14/2007]: Thank you Michelle for pointing out a broken link in the Windows 2000 dialer setup screenshots. This has now been corrected. If you find any more, please let me know.

Windows Vista Bugfixes (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/14/2007]: Thank you Michael for pointing out a broken link in the Windows Vista screenshots. This led me to find and correct 43 other broken links. If you find any more, please let me know.

Netscape 7.01 Update (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/06/2007]: The Netscape 7.01 screenshots had broken links (or no links) on the image maps for "Preferences" and "Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings". These broken (and missing links) have been corrected and the Netscape 7.01 shots should be all fixed up. Please make sure to report any other bugs that you may find.

Quick Init Reference (ModemHelp.Net) [12/04/2007]: Made sweeping changes to the code for the Quick Init Reference table! Updated it with CSS for faster download/load times and also made updates to the table's information.

Survey (Survey) [12/04/2007]: Have a few minutes to spare? If so, please take a moment to complete ModemHelp.Net's survey by clicking here!

Init Strings and Drviers (ModemHelp.Net) [11/20/2007]: Updated various inits and repaired some broken items. Completely redesigned the Init String and Driver pages to better 'match' the rest of the website, added some quicklinks, and now when moving your mouse over table data cells the cells will highlight so that you can more easily see which init goes with which modem.

ScreenShot Updates (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/09/2007]: Updated various screenshots and repaired broken links.

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/07/2007]: Fixed some broken links, altered some shots, added further misc troubleshooting information, added Firefox 2.0 and some DSL/Cable router/modem shots!
UPDATE: There was an issue with the Firefox 2.0 screenshots that has now been corrected.

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/02/2007]: Fixed some broken links, altered some shots, added further misc troubleshooting information, and added more Opera shots!

IMPORTANT: New Webserver! [7/21/2007]: I have completed the migration of ModemHelp.Net to the new webserver. Some users may still be visiting the old page as legacy DNS hangs around and until their Windows DNS gets flushed (or they reboot). Please remember to make certain that your LAN Admin or Engineering Staff has set the following IPs to be allowed access on your Intranet:
IP Allow List:
This Website Now Powered By:

The old server hosted in Texas will be turned off in about a week. The new server hosted in Lasing, Mi by LiquidWeb is running beautifully. You can find the full details on the new server here:
Click Here For ModemHelp.Net's New Webserver Specs

IMPORTANT: New Webserver! [7/17/2007 - 7/21/2007]: ModemHelp.Net will be migrating to a brand new webserver this week. I will post more details as the move progresses. If you are accessing ModemHelp.Net from behind a firewall and are unable to access many other sites on the Internet, you may need to contact your LAN Administrator to make certain that ModemHelp.Net's new IPs are added to your exceptions list. The new server has more than twice the power "under the hood" than the current server and should increase page response times tremendously. The new IPs are:

The following portions of ModemHelp.Net have been migrated to the new server. If you cannot view these pages, please make sure to check with your LAN Admin or Network Staff in order to have the above IPs added to your allowed sites list.

Arcade Is Back! (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [5/06/2007]: Today marks the unveiling of the new design for Arcade.ModemHelp.Net! The old arcade had ~750 games and this new arcade has over 6000 games and videos! Unfortunately while usernames were able to be transferred to the new arcade, favorite game lists were not, which means that you will need to track down your favorites and re-mark them. Enjoy the new arcade and please feel free to send me any feedback, report broken games using the "Report about problem with a game!" link, and tell your friends about this exciting expansion to ModemHelp.Net's arcade!

Arcade Maintenance (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [2/14/2007]: Arcade is currently undergoing a transformation. When it comes back online (it is currently running in a "minimal mode") it will be bigger and better than ever! These changes will update the design, add more games and videos, and increase overall server speed.

Design Fix (All of ModemHelp.Net) [2/14/2007]: There has been a design flaw for some time now in the layout of ModemHelp.Net when viewed on a Mac or from Linux, unless you had a Microsoft font pack installed. I have corrected this issue and the page should now display properly on all platforms. Please let me know if you notice any oddities.

Final Vista Shots! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [2/07/2007]: THE FINAL WINDOWS VISTA SHOTS ARE HERE!!! Now totalling over 2,100 screenshots, the Windows Vista screenshots have been completed! Though there may be more updates in the future, all of the originally planned screenshots have been completed and there should no longer be any broken links. If you have any requests, please e-mail me here. Along with these shots I also have the honor of introducing Internet Explorer 7.0 screenshots for Windows Vista! They can be found at: Please join me once again in thanking NDemand.com for sponsoring these screenshots and Logan for all of his hard work on this project!

More Vista Shots! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [2/04/2007]:

Now totalling over 1,950 screenshots, there are just a few more to go! Once they are completed, there will be over 2,000 screenshots at your disposal. Please join me once again in thanking NDemand.com for sponsoring these screenshots and Logan for all of his hard work on this project!

Arcade Maintenance (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [2/03/2007]: Arcade.ModemHelp.Net will be going down briefly for scheduled maintenance. I hope to have it back up and available again shortly. I will post once the maintenance period has ended and everything should be back to normal. **UPDATE** Arcade.ModemHelp.Net has been prepped for further expansion and the maintenance is now over. Enjoy!

Vista ScreenShots!!! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [1/31/2007]:

Over 1,650 screenshots and still more to come! New Shots: Please join me again in thanking NDemand.com for sponsoring these screenshots and Logan for all of his hard work on this project!

Vista ScreenShots!!! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [1/30/2007]:

WINDOWS VISTA IS HERE!!! However, all did NOT go as planned. I ended up staying up much later (early?) than expected into the wee hours of the morning due to unforeseen issues and got Vista up and ready to go. There are a few sections that are not finished mapping and they have been denoted with a red bullet on the Verbose Component Listing page for Vista. The new chat applet release has been delayed as I just do not have time tonight (read: this morning) to get it prepped. As Vista takes priority the new Chat application may be shelved until next week, but I will still do what I can to get it up this week. I think the chat applet could serve as an important tool as we discover new issues with Vista and can share fixes with eachother and determine what issues we will be facing with Vista.

Please join me in thanking NDemand.com for sponsoring these screenshots! NDemand.com purchased the TechNet Direct subscription for us so that we could obtain Vista before it was released and begin mapping. I would also like to give a HUGE personal thank you to Logan for all of his hard work on these screenshots! It is by his hand that the screenshots are directed and we appreciate the extremely detailed and valuable work that he has and continues to produuce!

Vista ScreenShots & New Chat (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net & Chat.ModemHelp.Net) [1/28/2007]: If all goes as planned, tomorrow I will be releasing a nearly-completed set of Windows Vista screenshots that Logan has been hard at work on. There are over 1500 Windows Vista screenshots already mapped and more to come! I will continue to update the shots throughout the month with his additions. There are only a few components left to map. Again, assuming that everything goes according to plan I will also be changing the chat script on Chat.ModemHelp.Net from the current Java IRC-based chat to a new and improved mysql/php-based chat with two options for a frontend, an AJAX (javascript/HTML) frontend and a Flash frontend. This should allow more flexibility for logging into the chatroom. I will do all that I can to get both of these updates pushed tomorrow. Updates to Arcade have been placed on the backburner for the moment and I hope to have the Arcade upgraded with 1000's of new games and movies by the end of February.

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/29/2006]: Made some minor menu alterations to the Screenshots page as well as some minor rearranging of the Quick Links. Fixed some broken links, broken images, and a few size issues. Added the following new shots: We hope to have Outlook 2007, Windows Mail, and Windows Vista shots up before the end of January. With a little luck, it looks like Logan should gain access (via TechNet Plus) to them sometime next week.

ScreenShots and Vista (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/27/2006]: I received an e-mail and some follow-up phone calls from the CEO of a great ISP based out of Texas last week and this week. They have decided to sponsor our Vista shots and have purchased a TechNet Plus Direct subscription for Logan. It is currently in the process of getting transferred over and should arrive soon so that we can get started on Vista shots. In the mean time Logan has been REALLY busy and we will be releasing a TON of new screenshots this week.

Vista ScreenShot Sponsorship (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/20/2006]: ModemHelp.Net is currently looking for a sponsor for Windows Vista screenshots. This sponsorship would entail purchasing a TechNet Plus Direct subscription in the amount of $349 for ModemHelp.Net's screenshot artist. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP at bliedel@modemhelp.net. It is very important that we get started on these shots soon so that they are completed by January 31st. This sponsorship will include an advertisement for your ISP to be included on the Windows Vista screenshots as well as a thank-you in our news for your assistance. For further details please contact me. Please, only those who are serious about this offer should inquire. If you believe that your ISP may be interested, please contact your manager and inform them of this sponsorship opportunity. The sooner we have a sponsor, the sooner Vista shots will be available! Due to the volume of Spam I recieve, please use the subject line "Windows Vista Sponsorship Inquiry" when e-mailing me regarding this opportunity.

Temporary Arcade Changes (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [12/04/2006]: In order to reduce stress on the server, I have temporarily removed five categories and around 250 games from the Arcade. Since it was launched in March, Arcade.ModemHelp.Net has had over 1.1 million gameplays and is one of the most active arcade websites on the Internet. Unfortunately, due to the growth of the arcade, it has outgrown the software that it is running on and some load issues have occurred due to database structure. I have made these temporary changes to alleviate this issue until the new software can be put in its place later this week. There may be a few more games and/or categories removed during the week in order to keep the "stress level" on the server down. Arcade has had ~1000 games for you to enjoy, but when the transfer is complete, it should house over 2000 games and nearly 4000 movies. Nowhere else will you be able to find a better time waster! :-)

Server Upgrades! [12/03/2006]: Sorry for the outages today. Took about 12 hours, but we finally got all of the upgrades pushed that we wanted to do. The server now appears stable and seems alot faster already. I will be making some more upgrades during the week (NOTE: THESE ARE NON-OUTAGE CAUSING UPGRADES THIS TIME) and you should be able to notice some MAJOR improvements in page load time, etc. I will also be adding a few thousand games and several thousand movies to Arcade.ModemHelp.Net, as well as some layout changes and updates to the Arcade.

IE7 Screeenshots! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/29/2006]: Another big shout out to Logan for his amazing work! The new Internet Explorer 7 shots can be found at:

IE7 Screeenshots! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/29/2006] (Continued): There have been several new software releases in a short period of time, as well as some more to come very soon. There is a ton of work to be done so please be patient with us while we try to get it all up. Our #1 concern is making sure that everyone has DETAILED Windows Vista screenshots before it hits the market on January 30th, 2007. I have spoken with Logan about the project and we're gunning for January 15th, so that everyone has at least 15 days to familiarize themselves with Vista before they start receiving calls on it. This is a big task, but he's the man for the job! He typically does the screenshots on his own, but I will be doing everything that I can to help him get the shots ready as early as possible. This brings me to a question for those of you who visit this site: Do any of you have an MSDN Subscription? We need to get a prerelease copy of Vista Final so that we can start taking shots ASAP. If you have one, please let us know because you need an MSDN Subscription to download it. You can e-mail me at bliedel@modemhelp.net.

ModemHelp.Net Goes Pink (ModemHelp.Net) [10/01/2006]: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Since the program began in 1985, mammography rates have more than doubled for women age 50 and older and breast cancer deaths have declined.

This is exciting progress, but there are still women who do not take advantage of early detection at all and others who do not get screening mammograms and clinical breast exams at regular intervals.

So for the month of October, the main Index of ModemHelp.Net has gone Pink in order to raise awareness amongst not only females, but males as well. One common misconception is that breast cancer is limited to females, however this is not the case and men can get breast cancer too.

For more information on "Going Pink", please visit http://pinkforoctober.org/.

For more information on breast cancer please visit http://www.cancer.org/docroot/home/index.asp and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_cancer.

For more information about NBCAM, please visit www.nbcam.org. For additional information, please call one of the following toll-free numbers: American Cancer Society, (800) 227-2345, National Cancer Institute (NCI), (800) 4-CANCER, Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, (800) 221-2141.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month program is dedicated to increasing public knowledge about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Fifteen national public service organizations, professional associations, and government agencies comprise the Board of Sponsors, who work together to ensure that the NBCAM message is heard by thousands of women and their families.

Arcade Is Back, Another New Site, and a Slight Menu Change. (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net & Shop.ModemHelp.Net & Portal.ModemHelp.Net) [05/06/2006]: My server's RAM has been upgraded and Arcade is back in action! With the re-launch of Arcade, I would also like to introduce two new websites. The first is Shop.ModemHelp.Net. This new website features not only ModemHelp swag (shirts, hats, mugs, etc), but through a partnership with PriceGrabber I now have a real-time price index so that you can find the best prices possible on just about anything and everything! From apparel to computers to video games, this searchable index of up to date prices is sure to not only find you the best prices, but give you reviews of sellers so that you can purchase with confidence. The second release is Portal.ModemHelp.Net. This could turn out to be a very cool site that I hope to turn into every ISP Tech's homepage. Portal is a Web Directory focusing on sites related to ISP Support. With a full comments system, rating system, the ability to suggest new links and categories, and a shared-login with Forums.ModemHelp.Net, this site has -alot- of potential. Not only that, but you can add your own PERSONAL LINKS! Now you can have all the support sites that you use on a dialy basis, links to your company Intranet, personal sites, and more all right at your fingertips. If you have any questions on this site, please let me know. When you get some time, please make certain to suggest new links. Along with these new releases I have made a bit of a "shuffle" on the top menu. Hopefully this will be the last real shuffle I will do to the menu for a very very long time. I left a blank area for what will likely be my next released site right under Screenshots. This next release will probably be a while off as I have some more work to do to ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net as well as some other touch ups to the other sites before I release it. I also have quite a bit of work to do on it yet. Feel free to discuss and guess as to what the next release might be! I don't think it will take too much work to guess what it will be though. :-) To see what the change to the top menu was, see the forum post at http://forums.modemhelp.net/viewtopic.php?p=18034#18034.

Arcade Update and New Site! (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net & Shop.ModemHelp.Net) [04/28/2006]: Unfortunately, Arcade may be down for a bit longer. I am awaiting a RAM upgrade and the earliest it will arrive will be May 2nd. Hopefully this means that Arcade will be back and fully operational by May 3rd. However, in the mean time I have a very exciting release! A long time coming, I would like to introduce Shop.ModemHelp.Net!! This new website features not only ModemHelp swag (shirts, hats, mugs, etc), but through a partnership with PriceGrabber I now have a real-time price index so that you can find the best prices possible on just about anything and everything! From apparel to computers to video games, this searchable index of up to date prices is sure to not only find you the best prices, but give you reviews of sellers so that you can purchase with confidence. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. This is a very exciting release and I hope that you all find it useful. Just below this news release is a sample listing for a GeForce 6600.

Recent Downtimes (All Sites) [04/21/2006]: There has been some recent downtime and slowdown issues hitting ModemHelp.Net. We have been able to narrow it down to a RAM issue and as a result the RAM is being swapped out and doubled in the wee hours of Monday morning. This will hopefully prevent any future downtime and fix the troubles that have recently been making the page crawl during peak usage. Thank you for your patience. Also, will be releasing some new additions to ModemHelp.Net very soon, so stay tuned! Design Update (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [03/13/2006]: Found some issues with the way the Arcade displayed in Firefox and this should now be taken care of. If you see any other design issues, please let me know asap. Thanks!

Arcade Update! (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [03/12/2006]: After seeing how Arcade.ModemHelp.Net became so popular so quickly, I decided to invest a little more time and money into the Arcade. Where the Arcade previously had ~150 games, it now has over 1700!! With a new script in place, a new design published, and more games than any of us know what to do with, Arcade is poised to be the biggest time waster (read: enhancer) available to techs! The one downside to this change is that all usernames have been reset and you will need to re-register in order to save favorites, comment on games, use the "Tell-a-Friend" option, track your game plays, etc. I apologize to those who previously registered, but hope that the positives outweigh this one negative! There are a few games that were on the old Arcade site, that have not yet been added to the new site. These games will likely be added to the new site, I just need some time to do so. Thank you for your support, remember the boss key (ALT-W, does not work in all browsers), and please feel free to send me your feedback!

New Website! (Arcade.ModemHelp.Net) [03/05/2006]: Without further adieu...introducting ARCADE.MODEMHELP.NET!!! This brand new addition to the ModemHelp.Net world features over 160 Web Games and Videos and is expected that it may grow to over 1000 such games and videos by the end of the year! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, additions, or anything else regarding this brand new website, please shoot me an e-mail or feel free to post your questions in our forums. Enjoy!

Opera 5.12 Fixes (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/20/2006]: Some of the Opera v5.12 screenshots were larger than 800x600, causing them to push the page table off to the right and "bleed" off the side of the screen. After resampling the oversized images by 87% and remapping them, the new shots have been uploaded and it should be ready to go! Let me know if you have any issues with them.

New Menu System and New Screeenshots! (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/18/2006]: The Menu System on Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net has been completely Revamped! Let me know if you have any questions/comments/etc. Along with the new menu system, new screenshots have been added. A big shout out to Logan for his amazing work! The new and/or updated shots are:
  • Eudora v7.0.1 (For Windows)
  • Eudora v6.1.2 (For Windows)
  • Eudora v5.1 (For Windows)
  • Eudora Pro v4.2 (For Windows)
  • Eudora Light v3.0.6 (For Windows)
  • Opera v5.12 (For Windows)
  • Opera v5.02 (For Windows)
  • Opera v3.6 (For Windows)
  • Opera v3.21 (For Windows)
  • Opera v3.0 (For Windows)
  • Pegasus Mail v4.3 (For Windows)
  • Pegasus Mail v4.12a (For Windows)
  • Pegasus Mail v3.12c (For Windows)

Partial Outage Notice (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/18/2006]: Eudora, Opera, and Pegasys screenshots may be unavailable for short periods of time today as new shots are uploaded, old shots are upgraded, and new menus are put in place.

New Page Colors (Forums) and (Chat) [02/18/2006]: Up to this point, all of the subsites except for Chat and Forums have been differing colors. I've had the new colorscheme for both Chat and Forums around for some time now, but they have both needed a little tweaking before positng. This tweaking has been completed and they have both been updated to their new respective colorschemes (Chat is now a darker blue, while Forums is a light blue).

Menus Coming Soon (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/14/2006]: I worked hard this past weekend to try to get the menus done, however was not able to do so. All I have left now is the Usenet Menu, the Security Software Menu, and some minor tweaks before release. Will get this done as soon as possible and I apologize for the delay.

More Design Updates and Big Release Tomorrow (All Sites) [02/11/2006]: I realized today that the banner image at the top of every page (the one that shows the site name) was sized improperly. It used to be 1002x75, but is now 1002x69. So it was stretching to be 75 pixels high, while wasting ~6 pixels of space. It isn't really a huge deal, but I fixed it in any case. I worked all day today on formatting new screenshots that Logan sent over and making more menu updates to ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net. With a little luck I should be able to finish it all up tomorrow and release the shots that he sent over: five versions of Eudora, five versions of Opera, and three versions of Pegasus Mail! Also with a little luck, I will have the final menu versions for ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net released along with the shots and I can then move on to one of the other projects I have been working on. The trick is to figure out which of the 17,000,000 projects I want to focus on first. I have several projects that are really close to being ready for release, now I just have to decide what order in which to do so. Should be a big year for the page, so spread the word! If you know any techs who might not be currently using ModemHelp.Net, let them know about it! Links to the page are always appreciated and certainly don't forget to join the ModemHelp.Net Research and Development Team! To join, juste signup for our forums at: http://forums.modemhelp.net/profile.php?mode=register and then join the R&D Usergroup at: http://forums.modemhelp.net/groupcp.php?g=70. Give me a bit of time to approve the request and then once approved, introduce yourself in the R&D General Discussion forum, and if you have any questions, please ask!

Design Updates (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/04/2006]: Over the past few days I have made a very important update to the design of all portions of ModemHelp.Net. I installed OpenSuse 10 the other day and opened my website in Firefox. I was horrified by what I saw. None of the fonts I had selected for my menus were installed by default. I was further mortified to discover that there were font issues on MacOS as well, and the menu bled into the right side of the left panel. I made some font changes and the page is looking much nicer on both Linux and MacOS now. Today I worked on some major design changes to ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net that took a bit more work. I changed the "title tables" at the top of each screenshot to now have a black border, altered the size, font, and spacing, and also made the mouse pointer turn into a hand to show that the title box is a link back to the main area of what it describes. Through these changes I raised the height of the screenshot on the page, and have plans to further raise the height with a slight shrinking of the top title bar. I also added helpful links and made some updates to the copyright information on the Windows screenshot pages. Over the next week or so I hope to release more updates to the other screenshots on the page, as well as some more menu optimization updates. I think that you all will enjoy some of the changes that are still yet to come.

More Updates (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [01/21/2006]: Made some updates to the Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net frontpage, mostly to the table size and to the Quick Links on the right. I increased the icon size, and resorted the list a bit, as well as added dividers. Also fixed the dates on the recent news entries after a friend of mine noticed they all said 2005 instead of 2006. Thanks Paul! Should be a few more updates to come yet tonight.

Major ScreenShot Updates (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [01/17/2006]: Ok. I have no idea how I got around to letting these screenshots slip through the cracks, but I am all caught up now and all the following screenshots should now be properly linked from the appropriate menus: I also fixed links for Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP2) and Netscape 7.01, however some fixes in the actual Netscape 7.01 screenshots need to be made as well, however this will have to wait a bit yet. I reorganized the Windows Browser Menus and will be reorganizing the rest of the menus later in the week. I believe that I am going to end up lumping Firewalls, Antivirus, AntiSpyware, and AntiAdware into a single "Security" menu. Not entirely certain exactly how yet, but working on how best to go about it yet. Still more updates to come and plenty to do. Once I have finished reworking ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net I have several other projects that I will be delving back into. My current goal is to release at least one new website by the end of February, however there are a number of things that need to occur in order for that to happen. Wish me luck!

phpBB2 Upgrade (Forums.ModemHelp.Net) [01/16/2006]: You may have ran in to a very short downtime this morning with the Forums as I upgraded phpBB2. Everything should be all set now.

R&D Team Update (Forums.ModemHelp.Net) [01/15/2006]: I have decided to open up my R&D Team so that you do not need approval in order to join. If you would like to join the ModemHelp.Net Research and Development Team and help to further the information found on ModemHelp.Net, please signup for our forums at: http://forums.modemhelp.net/profile.php?mode=register and then join the R&D Usergroup at: http://forums.modemhelp.net/groupcp.php?g=70. Introduce yourself in the R&D General Discussion forum, and if you have any questions, please ask!

Menus Update (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [01/15/2006]: Made some slight changes to the WindowsOS page and I think I might stick with this version. It makes it more compact and overall I think works out pretty well. Hopefully I'll get enough time this week to finish up redoing all of the rest of the menus and then get back to work on my other projects.

Frontpage Update (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [01/07/2006]: I have removed Slashdot news from ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net. I felt that it would be better to have an organized list of screenshots on the right side rather than on top. Later today I plan to work on some further updates to these menus and I plan to make some major changes to the menus for the screenshots listing pages. These updates will focus on smoother, easier, and quicker access to the screenshots you want to access, with additional concentration on fast page loading.

Changes (General) [01/07/2006]: Moving to a unified news system for all subdomains. I will now be posting news by stating what site/subsite the updates are to unless the updates are not site/subsite specific. All frontpages will be reporting the same news by using SSI, making managing news a little easier for me to manage/update. I have many other updates and changes in store for this weekend and MANY updates/additions in store for ModemHelp.Net this year. I hope to release three to four new subsites in the first half of this year. Expect more updates later today.

Stuff (Katrina) [09/02/2005]: Today is my birthday and I have turned 28. Happy Birthday to me... If anyone feels the need to get me a birthday present, PLEASE donate to help these poor people down south who got hit by Katrina. You can do so at: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp For information from within the city, you can follow an IT Professional's gripping tale of shouldering what almost seems like the whole of the Internet on his team's back during what could be the worst hurricaine ever to hit at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/. He's letting people know parts of the story that the mainstream media is not reporting on. $25 is not much to ask to help the people who were hit by Katrina in their time of crisis. $25 from each of the 13,000+ people I expect to visit the site just today would be $325,000. That'd be one heck of a birthday present for me! If not for me, well, the site itself turns 6 years old at the end of this month. To those in the middle of this crisis, I know that you cannot hear me, but my prayers are with you.

Site Addition!! (Jobs.ModemHelp.Net) [08/30/2005]: Introducting a new addition to ModemHelp.Net through a partnership with CareerBuilder, Jobs.ModemHelp.Net! Through this website employers can post jobs or search resumes, while job seekers can sift through over 900,000 job postings available through this new site. Make sure to check it out today! Also, if you find that you have a moment, don't forget to take our Survey.

Site Addition + Redesign! [08/04/2005]: Today marks the release of two major additions to ModemHelp.Net! The quickly spotted change is the slight redesign to the site. This redesign allows me to create longer menu items in the left menu and gives me more room for further site expansion by creating a top menu for the additional subdomain sites. Speaking of subdomain sites, take a look at the all-new Reference.ModemHelp.Net !! Don't forget to take our Survey!

Survey! [06/23/2005]: Survey Link. Take the ModemHelp.Net Demographic Survey! This survey will help determine how best to serve ads on this website, whether or not users of this site would purchase "ModemHelp.Net Gear" should it be offered for sale, and will help me to better determine how this website is used. You can find the survey here. Please take a moment or two to fill out these few quick questions.

Page Updates [06/20/2005]: A few updates were made today, the largest and most noticable update being the combining of the different versions of Windows into one page and the different versions of MacOS into one page as well. I also moved the "Site Info" links (which all go back to www.modemhelp.net) under the ad on the left.

Article Updates [05/30/2005]: Updated the overall layout of the Article page and added 3 great articles written in 2001 by Alexander Feazell. "Problems with the Gateway/BCM Software v90 modem", "Problems with the Gateway/BCM Software v92 modem", and "Connection Problems with the Dell/Aztech MDP 3900/3880 and Gateway/GVC Conexant HCF modems"

Cleanup [05/26/2005]: Did some housecleaning recently. Made some ad changes, cleaned up a little code, and archived a bunch of news. Have several projects lined up for myself this summer and hope to get some serious work done.

New Web Server [04/20/2005]: ModemHelp.Net has moved from an AMD Duron 1 ghz / 512 mb RAM / 20 gig HD to a Intel P4 2 ghz / 1 gig RAM / 80 gig HD. Almost everything is moved over now and I am excited to be on this newer, faster, brand new dedicated server!

Recruitment Notice [03/03/2005]: ModemHelp.Net is now recruiting ISP Techs of all types (Dialup, ISDN, Cable, DSL, etc) for the ModemHelp.Net Research and Development Team. If you would like to join the team and help contribute to this project, please register on http://forums.modemhelp.net and send a PM to Webmaster describing your tech experience then signup for the Research and Development usergroup found at http://forums.modemhelp.net/groupcp.php?g=70. All members who make major contributions or several minor contributions will be listed on ModemHelp.Net's About page as part of the ModemHelp.Net Research and Development Team.

New Web Site [02/20/2005]: Be sure to check out ModemHelp.Net's latest edition Tools.ModemHelp.Net!! This is a compilation of tech tools from around the web that can be useful for techs, postmasters, and abuse desks.

New Web Site [02/17/2005]: Be sure to check out our new forums at http://forums.modemhelp.net

Content Update [01/17/2005]: Several New Screenshots (not yet linked from other pages) are available! I am doing a bit of layout redesign that noone will notice on the frontend, but will make my life easier on the backend, which is why I have not yet linked these. However you can get to them from here for now:

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July 2001 - Got married! Worked on some updates this month, but no post until August.

June 2001 - Final wedding preparations. I have been researching line noise, isdn, cable, dsl, and other items.

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April 2001 - Ok, still slacking. My bad and my apologies. Wedding details to work out and all though.

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