Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Error # Info Error Code
100 N/A Out of memory
101 N/A Unexpected error
102 N/A Expecting string input
103 N/A Expecting numeric input
104 N/A Operation not Allowed
105 N/A Index out of range
106 N/A Type Mismatch
107 N/A Stack Overflow
108 N/A Create object failed
109 N/A Member not found
110 N/A Unknown name
111 N/A Unknown interface
112 N/A Missing parameter
113 N/A Script timed out
114 N/A Object not free threaded
115 N/A Unexpected error
116 N/A Missing close of script delimiter
117 N/A Missing close of script tag
118 N/A Missing close of object tag
119 N/A Missing Classid or Progid attribute
120 N/A Invalid Runat attribute
121 N/A Invalid Scope in object tag
122 N/A Invalid Scope in object tag
123 N/A Missing Id attribute
124 N/A Missing Language attribute
125 N/A Missing close of attribute
126 N/A Include file not found
127 N/A Missing close of HTML comment
128 N/A Missing File or Virtual attribute
129 N/A Unknown scripting language
130 N/A Invalid File attribute
131 N/A Disallowed Parent Path
132 N/A Compilation Error
133 N/A Invalid ClassID attribute
134 N/A Invalid ProgID attribute
135 N/A Cyclic Include
136 N/A Invalid object instance name
137 N/A Invalid Global Script
138 N/A Nested Script Block
139 N/A Nested Object
140 N/A Page Command Out Of Order
141 N/A Page Command Repeated
142 N/A Thread token error
143 N/A Invalid Application Name
144 N/A Initialization Error
145 N/A New Application Failed
146 N/A New Application Failed
147 N/A 500 Server Error
148 N/A Server Too Busy
149 N/A Application Restarting
150 N/A Application Directory Error
151 N/A Change Notification Error
152 N/A Security Error
153 N/A Thread Error
154 N/A Write HTTP Header Error
155 N/A Write Page Content Error
156 N/A Header Error
157 N/A Buffering On
158 N/A Missing URL
159 N/A Buffering Off
160 N/A Logging Failure
161 N/A Data Type Error
162 N/A Cannot Modify Cookie
163 N/A Invalid Comma Use
164 N/A Invalid TimeOut Value
165 N/A SessionID Error
166 N/A Uninitialized Object
167 N/A Session Initialization Error
168 N/A Disallowed object use
169 N/A Missing object information
170 N/A Delete Session Error
171 N/A Missing Path
172 N/A Invalid Path
173 N/A Invalid Path Character
174 N/A Invalid Path Characters
175 N/A Disallowed Path Characters
176 N/A Path Not Found
177 N/A Server.CreateObject Failed
178 N/A Server.CreateObject Access Error
179 N/A Application Initialization Error
180 N/A Disallowed object use
181 N/A Invalid threading model
182 N/A Missing object information
183 N/A Empty Cookie Key
184 N/A Missing Cookie Name
185 N/A Missing Default Property
186 N/A Error parsing certificate
187 N/A Object addition conflict
188 N/A Disallowed object use
189 N/A Disallowed object use
190 N/A Unexpected error
191 N/A Unexpected error
192 N/A Unexpected error
193 N/A OnStartPage Failed
194 N/A OnEndPage Failed
195 N/A Invalid Server Method Call
196 N/A Cannot launch out of process component
197 N/A Disallowed object use
198 N/A Server shutting down
199 N/A Disallowed object use
200 N/A Out of Range 'Expires' attribute
201 N/A Invalid Default Script Language
202 N/A Missing Code Page
203 N/A Invalid Code Page
204 N/A Invalid CodePage Value
205 N/A Change Notification
206 N/A Cannot call BinaryRead
207 N/A Cannot use Request.Form
208 N/A Cannot use generic Request collection
209 N/A Illegal value for TRANSACTION property
210 N/A Method not implemented
211 N/A Object out of scope
212 N/A Cannot Clear Buffer
213 N/A Invalid Path parameter
214 N/A Illegal value for ENABLESESSIONSTATE property
215 N/A Illegal value for ENABLESESSIONSTATE property
216 N/A MSDTC Service not running
217 N/A Invalid Scope in object tag
218 N/A Missing LCID
219 N/A Invalid LCID
220 N/A Requests for GLOBAL.ASA Not Allowed (or Script isn't transacted)
221 N/A Invalid @ Command directive
222 N/A Invalid TypeLib Specification
223 N/A TypeLib Not Found
224 N/A Cannot load TypeLib
225 N/A Cannot wrap TypeLibs
226 N/A Cannot modify StaticObjects
227 N/A Server.Execute Failed
228 N/A Server.Execute Error
229 N/A Server.Transfer Failed
230 N/A Server.Transfer Error
231 N/A Server.Execute Error
232 N/A Invalid Cookie Specification
233 N/A Cannot load cookie script source
234 N/A Invalid include directive
235 N/A Server.Transfer Error
236 N/A Invalid Cookie Specification
237 N/A Invalid Cookie Specification
238 N/A Missing attribute value
239 N/A Cannot process file
240 N/A Script Engine Exception
241 N/A CreateObject Exception
242 N/A Query OnStartPage Interface Exception
243 N/A Invalid METADATA tag in Global.asa
244 N/A Cannot use IStream on Request
245 N/A Cannot Enable Session State
246 N/A Too many concurrent users. Please try again later. (or Invalid Default Code Page)
299 N/A Unexpected error

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