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Basic AT Commands

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(Please note that this is the basic AT Command set.  Many modems do NOT conform to this command set.  However, most of these commands remain the same, or similar from modem to modem.)


Quickly Referenced Commands


%An  -  "Auto-Reliable Fallback Character Selection"

%Cn  -  "Data Compression"

%En  -  "Auto-Retrain"

%Fn  -  "v.23 Mode Select"

%Gn  -  "Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward"

%L  -  "Line Signal Level Return"

%Q  -  "Line Signal Quality Return"

%TTn  -  "Test Mode"


Verbosely Referenced Commands


%An  -  "Auto-Reliable Fallback Character Selection"  -  This command selects the character to be used for auto-reliable fallback.

   %A0  -  Disable auto-reliable fallback characters

   %A1 through %A127  -  Selects an ASCII character for auto-reliable fallback


%Cn  -  "Data Compression"  -  This command selects the data compression.

   %C0  -  Disable data compression

   %C1  -  MNP5

   %C2  -  v.42bis

   %C3  -  MNP5 and v.42bis

%En  -  "Auto-Retrain"  -  This command selects the auto-retrain and fallback/fall-forward modes.

    %E0  -  Disable auto-retrain

   %E1  -  Enable auto-retrain

   %E2  -  Enable auto-fallback/fall-forward


%Fn  -  "v.23 Mode Select"  -  This command selects the mode of operation for v.23 split speed.

    %F0  -  Disable v.23

   %F1  -  Split speed: 75bps upstream/1200bps downstream

   %F2  -  Split speed: 1200bps upstream/75bps downstream

   %F3  -  Half duplex: 1200bps upstream/1200bps downstream


%Gn  -  "Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward"  -  This command turns auto-fallback/fall-forward on or off.

    %G0  -  Disabled

   %G1  -  Enabled

%L  -  "Line Signal Level Return"  -  This command returns the line signal level.


%Q  -  "Line Signal Quality Return"  -  This command returns the line signal quality.


%TTn  -  "Test Mode"  -  This command is used for line tests using PTT test signals.

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