Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Windows DUN/RAS Error 602
"The port is already open."

  • Reboot.

  • Make sure that no other programs are using your modem. Fax software, Supervoice, etc...

  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete, if you see RNAAPP loaded, then go to the RNAAPP fix page.

  • AOL can also cause this issue. If AOL was or is installed try deleting the AOL Adapters in the Network Control Panel then reboot and reinstall the Dialup Adapter.

  • Is the modem using an initialization string? If so, try removing it and replacing with: ATZ

  • Does the user have Quicken 2000? If so, try disabling the Quicken Download Manager, found on this page. A Dell article on this issue can be found here.

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem.

  • Try checking for spyware/adware/virii that may be trying to utilize the modem.

  • See Also:


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