Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Error 629

1.  Does it ask for the UN/PASS more than once?  if so, verify UN/PASS.

2.  Check the dialer settings, if ipx/spx is checked and not tcp/ip this would be the cause.  In any case the only two things that should be checked are Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP.  Also enable DNS.  Logon to Network being checked can very well be the culprit.

3.  Make sure that the Microsoft VPN Adapter is not selected under connect using.

4.  Recreate the dialer.

5.  Windows NT?  In the Security Tab in Phonebook, make sure that "accept any authentication including clear text" is checked.

6.  Check the Network Control Panel settings.

7.  Reboot the machine.

8.  Modem issue?  Use this page for driver updates/init strings..

9.  Try disconnecting any phones, caller ID boxes, answering machines, line splitters from line. Plug modem directly into the line.  Try using a different phone cord between modem and phone socket.  Check for line noise.

More info on Error 629 can be found here:


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