Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Error 678

1.  Is there a handshake?  If not the phone number is probably wrong in some way.  Are they trying to turn off call waiting the wrong way for their telco?  Do they have call waiting?  Do they have pulse but are trying to dial tone?  Etc...

2.  If there is a handshake check their connectoid and network settings.  If all looks good it is probably a handshake error.  Make sure the correct modem is selected and setup.

3.  Try upgrading the firmware.  To get them on the net in the meantime try lowering the fifo buffers, setting the max speed to 57600, and adding an init string.  Try an init that will retain v90 first, but if they just want to get on and download their drivers try setting v34.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the modem can sometimes help as well.

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