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Error # Info Error Code
5 N/AInvalid procedure call or argument
6 N/AOverflow
7 N/AOut of memory
9 N/ASubscript out of range
10 N/AThis array is fixed or temporarily locked
11 N/ADivision by zero
13 N/AType mismatch
14 N/AOut of string space
17 N/ACan't perform requested operation
28 N/AOut of stack space
35 N/ASub or Function not defined
48 N/AError in loading DLL
51 N/AInternal error
52 N/ABad file name or number
53 N/AFile not found
54 N/ABad file mode
55 N/AFile already open
57 N/ADevice I/O error
58 N/AFile already exists
61 N/ADisk full
62 N/AInput past end of file
67 N/AToo many files
68 N/ADevice unavailable
70 N/APermission denied
71 N/ADisk not ready
74 N/ACan't rename with different drive
75 N/APath/File access error
76 N/APath not found
91 N/AObject variable or With block variable not set
92 N/AFor loop not initialized
93 N/AInvalid pattern string
94 N/AInvalid use of Null
322 N/ACan't create necessary temporary file
424 N/AObject required
429 N/AAutomation server can't create object
430 N/AClass doesn't support Automation
432 N/AFile name or class name not found during Automation operation
438 N/AObject doesn't support property or method <item>
440 N/AAutomation error
445 N/AObject doesn't support this action
446 N/AObject doesn't support named arguments
447 N/AObject doesn't support current locale setting
448 N/ANamed argument not found
449 N/AArgument not optional
450 N/AWrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment
451 N/AObject not a collection
453 N/ASpecified DLL function not found
458 N/AVariable uses an Automation type not supported in JScript
501 N/ACannot assign to variable
502 N/AObject not safe for scripting
503 N/AObject not safe for initializing
504 N/AObject not safe for creating
1002 N/ASyntax error
1003 N/AExpected ':'
1004 N/AExpected ';'
1005 N/AExpected '('
1006 N/AExpected ')'
1007 N/AExpected ']'
1008 N/AExpected '{'
1009 N/AExpected '}'
1010 N/AExpected identifier
1011 N/AExpected '='
1012 N/AExpected '/'
1014 N/AInvalid character
1015 N/AUnterminated string constant
1016 N/AUnterminated comment
1018 N/A'return' statement outside of function
1019 N/ACan't have 'break' outside of loop
1020 N/ACan't have 'continue' outside of loop
1023 N/AExpected hexadecimal digit
1024 N/AExpected 'while'
1025 N/ALabel redefined
1026 N/ALabel not found
1027 N/A'default' can only appear once in a 'switch' statement
1028 N/AExpected identifier, string or number
1029 N/AExpected '@end'
1030 N/AConditional compilation is turned off
1031 N/AExpected constant
1032 N/AExpected '@'
1033 N/AExpected 'catch'
1035 N/AThrow must be followed by an expression on the same source line
5000 N/ACannot assign to 'this'
5001 N/A<Item> is not a number; Number expected
5002 N/A<Item> is not a function; Function expected
5003 N/ACannot assign to a function result
5004 N/A<Item> is not an indexable object; Cannot index object
5005 N/A<Item> is not a string; String expected
5006 N/A<Item> is not a date object; Date object expected
5007 N/A<Item> is not an object; Object expected
5008 N/ACannot assign to <item>; Illegal assignment
5009 N/A<Item> is undefined; Undefined identifier
5010 N/A<Item> is not a boolean; Boolean expected
5011 N/ACan't execute code from a freed script
5012 N/ACannot delete <item>; Object member expected
5013 N/A<Item> is not a VBArray; VBArray expected
5014 N/A<Item> is not a JScript object; JScript object expected
5015 N/A<Item> is not an enumerator object; Enumerator object expected
5016 N/A<Item> is not a regular expression object; Regular Expression object expected
5017 N/ASyntax error in regular expression
5018 N/AUnexpected quantifier
5019 N/AExpected ']' in regular expression
5020 N/AExpected ')' in regular expression
5021 N/AInvalid range in character set
5022 N/AException thrown and not caught
5023 N/AFunction does not have a valid prototype object
5024 N/AThe URI to be encoded contains an invalid character
5025 N/AThe URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding
5026 N/AThe number of fractional digits is out of range
5027 N/AThe precision is out of range
5028 N/AArray or arguments object expected
5029 N/AArray length must be a finite positive integer
5030 N/AArray length must be assigned a finite positive number

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