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Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - MODEM CCL(-6000 to -6026)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-6000cclErr_AbortMatchReadN/Ainternal error used to abort match read
-6006cclErr_CCLErrorBaseN/ACCL error base
-6007cclErr_CloseErrorN/AThere is at least one script open
-6008cclErr_ScriptCancelledN/AScript Canceled
-6009cclErr_TooManyLinesN/AScript contains too many lines
-6010cclErr_ScriptTooBigN/AScript contains too many characters
-6011cclErr_NotInitializedN/ACCL has not been initialized
-6012cclErr_CancelInProgressN/ACancel in progress.
-6013cclErr_PlayInProgressN/APlay command already in progress.
-6014cclErr_ExitOKN/AExit with no error.
-6015cclErr_BadLabelN/ALabel out of range.
-6016cclErr_BadCommandN/ABad command.
-6017cclErr_EndOfScriptErrN/AEnd of script reached, expecting Exit.
-6018cclErr_MatchStrIndxErrN/AMatch string index is out of bounds.
-6019cclErr_ModemErrN/AModem error, modem not responding.
-6020cclErr_NoDialToneN/ANo dial tone.
-6021cclErr_NoCarrierErrN/ANo carrier.
-6022cclErr_LineBusyErrN/ALine busy.
-6023cclErr_NoAnswerErrN/ANo answer.
-6024cclErr_NoOriginateLabelN/ANo @ORIGINATE label
-6025cclErr_NoAnswerLabelN/ANo @ANSWER label
-6026cclErr_NoHangUpLabelN/ANo @HANGUP label

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