Outdated Drivers
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Apple Remote Access(ARA) Error Codes - AR2(-6051 to -6060)

#Result CodeFixit!Error Message
-6051ERR_MNP_NEGOTIATION_FAILUREN/AConnection parameter negotiation failure
-6052ERR_MNP_CONNECT_TIME_OUTN/AConnect request (acceptor mode) timed out
-6053ERR_MNP_NOT_CONNECTEDN/ANot connected
-6054ERR_MNP_ABORTEDN/ARequest aborted by disconnect request
-6055ERR_MNP_ATTENTION_DISABLEDN/ALink attention service is not enabled
-6056ERR_MNP_CONNECT_RETRY_LIMITN/AConnect (initiator mode) request retry limit reached.
-6057ERR_MNP_COMMAND_IN_PROGRESSN/ACommand already in progress.
-6058ERR_MNP_ALREADY_CONNECTEDN/AConnection already established.
-6059ERR_MNP_INCOMPATIBLE_PROT_LVLN/AConnection failed due to incompatible protocol levels
-6060ERR_MNP_HANDSHAKE_FAILUREN/AConnection handshake failed.

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