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12-28-1999 - Added more hit counters to various pages. I think pretty much every page has a hit counter now. This is all for the sake of curiosity, and is the easiest way to go about it. Also added a Recent News section and made a few alterations to the menuframe of the frontpage. Added fix links to OT/PPP Error 7102, OT/PPP Error 7103, OT/PPP Error 7104, OT/PPP Error 7105, OT/PPP Error 7106, OT/PPP Error 7107, OT/PPP Error 7109, OT/PPP Error 7110, OT/PPP Error 7111, OT/PPP Error 7113, OT/PPP Error 7118, OT/PPP Error 7120, OT/PPP Error 7122, and OT/PPP Error 7129. Also fixed the Cirrus Logic MD56XX v34 init string on the quick-ref page.

12-22-1999 - Altered the frontpage, adding a latest news section. The BIG enhancements to the page that I uploaded are changes to EVERY manufacturer page. These changes include: Table resizing, reformatting of "the four corners" for better viewing, and adding a hit counter to each page. Also updated the Coming Attractions page. Also added hit counters to several other pages. Added inits for the Cirrus Logic 56XX modem to the Quick Reference Strings page. Added a Coming Soon area for the Techie Newsletter.

12-14-1999 - Altered the frontpage, nuking the alpha-numeric listings as I believe these are really not being used. Also added the Motorola SM56 and links to modem-specific articles in the Quick Reference Guide.

12-12-1999 - Added the Techie Newsletter Vol. 2, which includes Motorola SM56 and IBM MWave fixes, advanced fixes, and driver sites. Added the US Robotics Winmodem to the Quick Reference Guide. Also added an init string to the MWave part of the new Techie Newsletter. Added several hit counters to the techie newsletters for curiosity's sake.

12-5-1999 - Added links on the Rockwell/Conexant pages to the manufacturer website, and individual init strings as to exactly what they do. Also added several inits and divided the popular/recommended inits and the oddball/not as used inits on that page.

12-2-1999 - Added a Conexant page. Added links on the Rockwell, HSP Micromodem, PC-Tel, and Lucent pages for the November 99 Newsletter on these modem types. Added a link to the PC-Tel AT Command Set on the HSP Micromodem page. Added fixes for ALL FreePPP error messages.

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