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Modemhelp.Net News

3-31-2000 - Look Ma! A search engine, seamless frames, and a forum! Enjoy! Also: Anyone want to make me a cool graphic that says Modemhelp.net?

3-30-2000 - NEW PAGES: Aries and COMPRO. UPDATED PAGES: Arowana, askey, auslinx, aztech, cardinal, CIS Technology, COM 1, and Compaq. Also updated ALL pages to reflect what was formerly referred to as Conexant or Rockwell DUAL chipset to say ACF rather than DUAL as this is the proper name for the chipset (they have single meg ROMs and 2 meg ROMs under the same chipset). Also updated ALL pages to reflect what was formerly referred to as Conexant or Rockwell Soft56 chipset to say HSF(Soft56) rather than Soft56 as this is the proper name for the chipset. I also made several misc minor updates. Also, PLEASE SEE THE SPECIAL NOTE IN THE TECHIE NEWSLETTER!! Thanks!

3-29-2000 - NEW PAGES: ACS, Compro, and Amjet. UPDATED PAGES: Aceex, Actiontec, AOpen, Archtek, and this frontpage. Updated the Techie Newsletter into a new format which should prove to be very useful in the future.

3-28-2000 - Big updates today, not really info-intensive, but page impacting. Set all the off-page website links to open in a new window instead of in the frame (All 1000 or so links). Other than that I fixed some misc. dead/broken/mistyped links and a made a bunch of other minor adjustments.

3-23-2000 - Fixed dead global village driver page link, added a 56k init for Smart(Modular Technologies), fixed dead Davicom driver link, added Davicom manufacturer link, and fixed the dead PC-Tel HSP AT Command Set link. I also answered all my backed up modemhelp.net e-mail!! Thank you for all the responses everyone!

3-22-2000 - So it has been a long time since I have updated. I apologize for this and am going to start making some serious updates here. I grabbed the page from my work machine threw it on zip disk and have brought it home to work on it here since I no longer have time to come into work during my free time to work on my webpage. =) Yup, love work, but time to start working on this at home when I am off. =) Anyhow, here are the updates that I made tonight: Created a Genica page, a 3JTech page, and a HAiCOM page. Updated the Quick Ref String page for showing true connect speeds. Added 11 various Conexant/Rockwell ACF, HCF, and HSF chipset modems for Apache. Created a form for subscribing to a modemhelp.net Techie Newsletter mailing list. Also made various other changes over the past few months, however they were pretty minor, and since I don't remember what they were, we'll have to live for now. If you see any quirks or problems, please let me know. I also have a TON OF RESPONSE MAIL from people!! That is GREAT!! Please keep the mail coming! I know I am way backed up and need to fix the problems that people have sent me, and respond to much of it, and will do so soon now that the page is here at home. Thank you VERY much for the response and all of you who have called me "tha' bomb." I will do what I can to get to all of it within the next week.

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