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11-24-1999 - Added the Techie Newsletter Vol. 1, which includes Rockwell/Conextant, Lucent, and PC-Tel fixes, advanced fixes, and driver sites. I will be revising it when I get back from vacation in a week, but it is a great resource! Updated the Coming Attractions page to reflect the things I have been doing and have in the works.

11-19-1999 - Added a fix and links pages for DUN Error 631, DUN Error 666, DUN Error 667, DUN Error 676, DUN Error 680, DUN Error 685, DUN Error 695, DUN Error 720, DUN Error 721, and DUN Error 731.

11-16-1999 - Added alot of new info/links to the Motorola Drivers and Inits Page.

11-15-1999 - Updated the RNAAPP fix page to reflect that the 4th step in the fix is dangerous.

11-12-1999 - Added a Viking 56k Help page to the Viking Components Init Page drawn from comments sent in from Kris over at Exec-PC technical support. Added a HSP Micromodem 56 Help page to both the PCTel and HSP Micromodem pages.

11-10-1999 - Added a fix and links pages for RNAAPP, DUN Error 602, DUN Error 604, DUN Error 621, DUN Error 623, DUN Error 627, an extra link for DUN Error 629, and an extra link for DUN Error 630.

11-8-1999 - Updated the Coming Attractions Page, adding the "Techie Newsletter" project that I will begin working on sometime in the near future. Added the Techie Newsletter Page and link.

11-1-1999 - Added a ISP Page, a DISCLAIMER page and made several mods to the frontpage, including a link to 3com's homepage and the ISP Page.  Added fix and links pages for DUN Error 635 and DUN Error 678.

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