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9-30-1999 - Made a few mods to the main string index page. Added manufacturer pages for Hawking Technology, Inpro, J-Mark, Kingmax, Micronet, MIN Communications, Modem Express, Modular Technology, Moreton Bay, Multiwave, Olitec, Pacific Image, Pipemedia Communications, PMC, Portable Add-Ons, Pro-Nets, Protac, Puretek, Silicom Connectivity Solutions, Telewell, Thundercom Holdings, Thundermax, TNC Labs, Unique Hardware, Well, and Zoltrix.

9-29-1999 - Added a DUN Error Code page.  Added manufacturer pages for Arowana, Ascend, Atlas, Azura, BTC, CNet USA, Digicorp, Duxbury, Echo Communications, Electronic Frontier, Encore Electronics, ExperTronics, and Fida International.

9-29-1999 - Added this news page! Been working very diligently the past many months on this page and am very happy to see that it is finally up. Right now I am working on refining these frame pages and making everything look decent in different types of browsers at different resolutions. I understand that there was a Netscape problem for a little while viewing certain parts of this web page. This page is currently best viewed in 1280x1024 and in Internet Explorer 5.0. I think I have cleared up the Netscape issues and will be putting up a feedback form to help with clearing up page issues. Currently, if you have any troubles, major page issues, or suggestions send mail to bliedel@modemhelp.net. Have many, many strings up right now and have added several driver and manufacturer sites. The page currently has one broken link and that will be fixed soon (it is under PCTel).

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