Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in the Server Type settings.  Check your network configuration in the Control Panel then try connecting again.

By: Bradford W. Liedel

   The ever illusive, nasty, nasty error message.  This error has caused several ISPs to lose customers and perhaps some people to give up on the internet all together.  It can be an easy fix, it can be a HARD fix.  The following fixes are not necessarily put in the order they should be done, however I have tried to put them in the best order possible.  You may want to "undo" some steps before continuing with others, though some steps may help others.  It is really a BIG trial and error.  Don't expect a call on this error message to be a short one.  It can be, however I have actually worked on this error twice with the end resulting in the customer reinstalling windows (which pretty much always works).  If you are interested, here is Microsoft's take on how to fix this:  Click here.

1.  First thing to do is check all of the user's settings.  Make sure the dialer's settings are correct (maybe even delete and recreate the dialer right away), make sure that the network settings look good, and make sure that there are not extra winsock.dll's (only 1 in C:\windows) or wsock32.dll's (only 1 in C:\windows\system).  Reboot.

2.  Rip and Reinstall Dial-Up Networking, the dialer, all of the .pwl files, and the network control panel.  Make sure that this is a FULL, and very THOROUGH Uninstall and Reinstall.

3.  Now that we have the regular stuff out of the way and obviously it did not work (since you are reading on), lets get to the more complicated stuff.  First start by opening the Modems control panel, going to the properties of the modem, and it's port settings.  Lower the Transmit Buffer.  Just a little?  Alot?  Welcome to variation.

4.  Didn't work?  Ok, next try.  Still in the modem properties, click on the options tab and have it bring up a terminal window after dialing.  When the terminal window comes up, just click continue.

5.  Still no go?  Lets leave the modem control panel then.  Go back to the dialer properties and uncheck "Enable Software Compression".

6.  Still not working?  Same general area, open up the TCP/IP properties and uncheck "Use IP Header Compression".

7.  Ok.  Lets try this.  Close everything and press CTRL-ALT-DEL.  RNAAPP loaded up?  If so, beautiful, perhaps (and I mean PERHAPS) we have found the problem.  Fix RNAAPP.

8.  Bummer huh?  I'll let you in on a little secret.  On a few calls after uninstalling and reinstalling DUN, NCP, all the .pwl files, and the dialer 3-5 times it started working.  Lovely.  Now that the pleasantries are out of the way we will move on to this:  Lower the port speed of the modem.  Lower the receive buffer a setting or two.  Is it an older version of windows?  Upgrade dialup networking, and if you are going to upgrade dialup networking (assuming you have to send the files to them via mail or other means), you might as well upgrade their latest modem drivers/firmware as well.  [Upgrading DUN *includes* getting the ISDN service pack if that is all they do not have.]

9.   Is it a USRobotics/3COM Sportster?  Try the init string: s12=10

10.  I don't know if I should really suggest this, but see what happens when you turn off power management in the control panel.  It's worked before.  Ick.

11.  Try unchecking DHCP under TCP/IP in the NCP.  Usually this is already done during step one, but make sure it is by this point.

12.  Change the computer name and workgroup names under the Identification tab in the network control panel.  Make them so they will NOT conflict with anyone else on your network.

12.  Ready for another Uninstall and Reinstall?  Well time to do one!  Time for the ickiest of them all...the Microsoft full Uninstall and Reinstall of DUN.  Deleting files and extracting from cab files.  Gotta love this one!  This is the link to the Microsoft DUN Uninstall and Reinstall.

13.  Windows 95?  Get the Kernel 32 update and install it.

14.  Hit the modem.  Hit it hard.  Barrage it with drivers, inits, and have phone line tests done.

15.  Scared of regedit?  Then skip this step:  HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SYSTEM > CURRENTCONTROLSET > SERVICES > CLASS > NETTRANS.  From here highlight each 000#.  Look for DriverDesc, across from it look for what it is equal to.  Look for the one that has TCP/IP across from DriverDesc.  There should be only one with TCP/IP, if there is more than one, choose the one that has the IP address of  From here click on EDIT, then NEW STRING VALUE.  Call it MaxMTU and set the VALUE DATA to 768.  Exit and reboot.  REMEMBER, THIS FIX IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

16.  Has worse come to worse?  Check out step 10 of the Microsoft Fix.  Basically...reinstall windows without compromising all of your software.  Truthfully?  At this point I would compromise it.  Nuke it all.  Full reinstall of windows.  If you find any new fixes for this error.  SEND IT TO ME!

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