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How to 'recover' Lost Content Advisor Passwords.
By: Chris Vasquez
Edited By: Bradford Liedel

About the infamous Content Advisor:

Content Advisor is Microsoft's attempt at internet scurity, like surfwatch and net nanny, but integrated into the browser. Content Advisor ships with IE, which kills the need to install such netnanny-ish software to keep their children(and husbands) out of "bad" sites.

Bad move. Very, very few sites are rated with the rating service that Content Advisor uses. When enabling the Content Advisor, you have a choice, you can either deny content to any unrated sites, (unrated sites include www.disney.com), or you can allow access to all unrated sites which means you would only be blocking a few sites that are bad while allowing access to hundreds of others.

If you forget your content advisor Supervisor password (used to enable the ratings) there is no way to disable the ratings again, not even by uninstalling and reinstalling IE.

Before doing the following, BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY! I cannot stress enough the importance of backing up your registry before you go poking around in it.

The supervisor password is in the registry and can be found by navigating through the following folder entries:

Current Version\

There will be a key here labeled "key" that holds the encrypted Content Advisor Supervisor password.

Moment of truth -> Delete that key.

That will set the Content Advisor Password to blank. Then you can go in and disable the ratings.

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