Outdated Drivers
Can cause hardware related Errors. Check your PC Drivers now.

7128 - The requested PPP protocol was rejected by the PPP peer.

1.  Check the TCP/IP control panel, and make sure that PPP is selected and configured properly. 

2.  Delete Preferences Files - this will reset an Application to default settings and force it to create a new (not corrupted) version of its preferences file. 

     A. Delete "MacTCP DNR" from "Hard Drive:System Folder:"

     B. Delete "PPP Preferences" from "Hard Drive:System Folder:Preferences:"

     C. Delete "FreePPP Preferences" from "Hard Drive:System Folder:Preferences:"

     D. Resetup PPP(Remote Access) and TCP/IP(Open Transport).

3.  Make sure that the modem is configured properly and if it is a problem modem perhaps try inits/drivers? If an older global village modem perhaps try a Hayes modem script. If a newer global village modem (non-x2) try a generic rockwell/conexant connect script.

4.  Reinstall the TCP/IP control panel.

5.  Reinstall OT/PPP.

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